Daniel Moraetis
Daniel Moraetis
Assistant Professor University of Sharjah
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Chemical and thermal modification of natural HEU-type zeolitic materials from Armenia, Georgia and Greece
GE Christidis, D Moraetis, E Keheyan, L Akhalbedashvili, N Kekelidze, ...
Applied Clay Science 24 (1-2), 79-91, 2003
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D Moraetis, NP Nikolaidis, GP Karatzas, Z Dokou, N Kalogerakis, ...
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Olive mill wastewater irrigation of maize: Impacts on soil and groundwater
D Moraetis, FE Stamati, NP Nikolaidis, N Kalogerakis
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High-frequency monitoring for the identification of hydrological and bio-geochemical processes in a Mediterranean river basin
D Moraetis, D Efstathiou, F Stamati, O Tzoraki, NP Nikolaidis, JL Schnoor, ...
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MA Lilli, D Moraetis, NP Nikolaidis, GP Karatzas, N Kalogerakis
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Environmental drivers of soil microbial community distribution at the Koiliaris Critical Zone Observatory
M Tsiknia, NV Paranychianakis, EA Varouchakis, D Moraetis, ...
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Sediment provenance, soil development, and carbon content in fluvial and manmade terraces at Koiliaris River Critical Zone Observatory
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Identifying past earthquakes on carbonate faults: Advances and limitations of the ‘Rare Earth Element’method based on analysis of the Spili Fault, Crete, Greece
V Mouslopoulou, D Moraetis, C Fassoulas
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Effect of zeolite application on potassium release in sandy soils amended with municipal compost
D Moraetis, S Papagiannidou, A Pratikakis, D Pentari, K Komnitsas
Desalination and Water Treatment 57 (28), 13273-13284, 2016
Neogene to Quaternary uplift history along the passive margin of the northeastern Arabian Peninsula, eastern Al Hajar Mountains, Oman
D Moraetis, F Mattern, A Scharf, G Frijia, TM Kusky, Y Yuan, I El-Hussain
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FE Stamati, N Chalkias, D Moraetis, NP Nikolaidis
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A coupled surface-subsurface hydrologic model to assess groundwater flood risk spatially and temporally
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D Moraetis, F Stamati, M Kotronakis, T Fragia, N Paranychnianakis, ...
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Ion exchange equilibrium and structural changes in clinoptilolite irradiated with β-and γ-radiation: Monovalent cations
D Moraetis, GE Christidis, V Perdikatsis
American Mineralogist 92 (10), 1714-1730, 2007
Postobductional kinematic evolution and geomorphology of a major regional structure—The Semail Gap Fault Zone (Oman Mountains)
A Scharf, F Mattern, D Moraetis, I Callegari, C Weidle
Tectonics 38 (8), 2756-2778, 2019
Coastal dynamics of uplifted and emerged Late Pleistocene near-shore coral patch reefs at Fins (eastern coastal Oman, Gulf of Oman)
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The Geology and Tectonics of the Jabal Akhdar and Saih Hatat Domes, Oman Mountains
A Scharf, F Mattern, M Al-Wardi, G Frijia, D Moraetis, B Pracejus, W Bauer, ...
Geological Society of London, 2021
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