Dionisis Voglitsis
Dionisis Voglitsis
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Incorporation of harmonic injection in an interleaved flyback inverter for the implementation of an active anti-islanding technique
D Voglitsis, N Papanikolaou, A Kyritsis
IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics 32 (11), 8526-8543, 2017
Evolution of PV systems in Greece and review of applicable solutions for higher penetration levels
A Kyritsis, D Voglitsis, N Papanikolaou, S Tselepis, C Christodoulou, ...
Renewable Energy 109, 487-499, 2017
Loss model and control stability of bidirectional LCL-IPT system
D Voglitsis, T Todorčeviá, V Prasanth, P Bauer
2014 4th International Electric Drives Production Conference (EDPC), 1-8, 2014
Active Cross-Correlation Anti-Islanding Scheme for PV Module Integrated Converters in the Prospect of High Penetration Levels and Weak Grid Conditions
D Voglitsis, N Papanikolaou, A Kyritsis
IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics 34 (3), 2258-2274, 2019
Inductive power transfer system with improved characteristics
D Voglitsis, G Tsengenes, P Bauer
2014 IEEE Transportation Electrification Conference and Expo (ITEC), 1-8, 2014
Active thermoelectric cooling solutions for airspace applications: the thermicool project
E Karampasis, N Papanikolaou, D Voglitsis, M Loupis, A Psarras, ...
IEEE Access 5, 2288-2299, 2017
On the Injection of Sub/Inter-Harmonic Current Components for Active Anti-Islanding Purposes
D Voglitsis, F Valsamas, N Rigogiannis, N Papanikolaou
Energies 11 (9), 2018
Theoretical analysis and experimental investigation of high frequency bidirectional CPT system
D Voglitsis, V Prasanth, T Todorčević, P Bauer
2014 IEEE Transportation Electrification Conference and Expo (ITEC), 1-8, 2014
Sensitivity Analysis for the Power Quality Indices of Standalone PV Systems
D Voglitsis, N Papanikolaou, C Christodoulou, D Baros, I Gonos
IEEE ACCESS 5, 25913-25922, 2017
Comparative study of active anti-islanding schemes compatible to MICs in the prospect of high penetration levels and weak grid conditions
F Valsamas, D Voglitsis, N Rigogiannis, N Papanikolaou, A Kyritsis
IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution 12 (20), 4589 – 4596, 2018
Wireless Power Transfer for Distributed Energy Sources Exploitation in DC Microgrids
D Baros, D Voglitsis, NP Papanikolaou, A Kyritsis, N Rigogiannis
IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy 10 (4), 2039 - 2049, 2018
Investigation of a waste heat recovery system for a more electric ship
CG Zogogianni, D Voglitsis, S Saridakis, SP Syrigos, NP Papanikolaou, ...
2015 17th European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications (EPE'15 …, 2015
Investigation of the control scheme of a single phase Cascade H-Bridge multilevel converter capable for grid interconnection of a PV park along with reactive power regulation …
D Voglitsis, G Adamidis, N Papanikolaou
2014 IEEE 5th International Symposium on Power Electronics for Distributed …, 2014
On harmonic injection anti-islanding techniques under the operation of multiple DER-inverters
D Voglitsis, F Valsamas, N Rigogiannis, N Papanikolaou
IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion 34 (1), 455-467, 2019
A Heuristic Method for the Reduction of the Outage Rate of High-Voltage Substations Due to Atmospheric Overvoltages
C Christodoulou, V Vita, D Voglitsis, G Milushev, L Ekonomou
Applied Sciences 8 (2), 273, 2018
Experimental survey on active thermoelectric cooling driven by PWM techniques
A Boubaris, E Karampasis, D Voglitsis, N Papanikolaou
2017 Panhellenic Conference on Electronics and Telecommunications (PACET), 1-4, 2017
Reliability analysis for a waste heat recovery power electronic interface applied at all-electric aircrafts
S Saridakis, N Papanikolaou, D Voglitsis, E Koutroulis, E Tatakis, ...
2015 International Conference on Electrical Systems for Aircraft, Railway …, 2015
Loss of Neutral in Low Voltage Electrical Installation with connected DG units–Consequences and Solutions
S Frantzeskakis, D Voglitsis, N Papanikolaou, C Christodoulou, I Gonos
AIM, 2019
Investigating adaptation of line protection means to low-voltage-ride-through requirements in low-voltage distribution feeders with photovoltaic generators
A Tsimtsios, D Voglitsis, I Perpinias, C Korkas, N Papanikolaou
AIM, 2019
Improving the Voltage Profile of a Medium Voltage Grid Using Distributed Generation Units
D Voglitsis, G Adamidis
PCIM Europe 2019; International Exhibition and Conference for Power …, 2019
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