Hiroko Terasawa
Hiroko Terasawa
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Perceptual distance in timbre space
H Terasawa, M Slaney, J Berger
Georgia Institute of Technology, 2005
The thirteen colors of timbre
H Terasawa, M Slaney, J Berger
IEEE Workshop on Applications of Signal Processing to Audio and Acoustics …, 2005
Reverberation echo density psychoacoustics
P Huang, JS Abel, H Terasawa, J Berger
Audio Engineering Society Convention 125, 2008
Generating an Integrated Musical Expression with a Brain-Computer Interface.
T Hamano, TM Rutkowski, H Terasawa, K Okanoya, K Furukawa
NIME, 49-54, 2013
A timbre space for speech
H Terasawa, M Slaney, J Berger
Ninth European Conference on Speech Communication and Technology, 2005
In search of a perceptual metric for timbre: Dissimilarity judgments among synthetic sounds with MFCC-derived spectral envelopes
H Terasawa, J Berger, S Makino
Journal of the Audio Engineering Society 60 (9), 674-685, 2012
Wearable auditory biofeedback device for blind and sighted individuals
M Matsubara, T Oba, H Kadone, H Terasawa, K Suzuki, M Iguchi
IEEE MultiMedia 22 (1), 68-73, 2015
Wearable auditory biofeedback device for blind and sighted individuals
M Matsubara, T Oba, H Kadone, H Terasawa, K Suzuki, M Iguchi
IEEE MultiMedia 22 (1), 68-73, 2015
A hybrid model for timbre perception: quantitative representations of sound color and density
HS Terasawa
Stanford University, 2010
Sonification of muscular activity in human movements using the temporal patterns in EMG
M Matsubara, H Terasawa, H Kadone, K Suzuki, S Makino
Proceedings of the 2012 Asia Pacific Signal and Information Processing …, 2012
Guiding auditory attention toward the subtle components in electrocardiography sonification
H Terasawa, Y Morimoto, M Matsubara, A Sato, M Ohara, M Kawarasaki
Georgia Institute of Technology, 2015
A statistical model of timbre perception.
H Terasawa, M Slaney, J Berger
The sound of smile: Auditory biofeedback of facial EMG activity
Y Nakayama, Y Takano, M Matsubara, K Suzuki, H Terasawa
Displays 47, 32-39, 2017
Inter-subject differences in personalized technical ear training and the influence of an individually optimized training sequence
S Kim, T Kaniwa, H Terasawa, T Yamada, S Makino
Acoustical Science and Technology 34 (6), 424-431, 2013
The effectiveness of auditory biofeedback on a tracking task for ankle joint movements in rehabilitation
M Matsubara, H Kadone, M Iguchi, H Terasawa, K Suzuki
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Sonifying ECOG seizure data with overtone mapping: A strategy for creating auditory gestalt from correlated multichannel data
H Terasawa, J Parvizi, C Chafe
Georgia Institute of Technology, 2012
Towards a personalized technical ear training program: An investigation of the effect of adaptive feedback
T Kaniwa, S Kim, H Terasawa, M Ikeda, T Yamada, S Makino
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The effect of musical experience on rhythm perception for hearing-impaired undergraduates
M Matsubara, H Terasawa, R Hiraga
2014 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics (SMC …, 2014
Sound timbre and spatial location as informative cues in auditory BCI-brain evoked potential enhancement and involuntary eye movements artifacts suppression approach
Z Cai, H Terasawa, S Makino, T Yamada, TM Rutkowski
Proceedings of the Third APSIPA Annual Summit and Conference (APSIPA ASC …, 2011
Pitch drift in choral music
H Terasawa
Music 221A final paper, Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics …, 2004
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