Mohammad Alsmirat
Mohammad Alsmirat
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Internet of surveillance: a cloud supported large-scale wireless surveillance system
MA Alsmirat, Y Jararweh, I Obaidat, BB Gupta
The Journal of Supercomputing 73 (3), 973-992, 2017
Accelerating compute intensive medical imaging segmentation algorithms using hybrid CPU-GPU implementations
MA Alsmirat, Y Jararweh, M Al-Ayyoub, MA Shehab, BB Gupta
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SDMEC: Software defined system for mobile edge computing
Y Jararweh, A Doulat, A Darabseh, M Alsmirat, M Al-Ayyoub, E Benkhelifa
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Impact of digital fingerprint image quality on the fingerprint recognition accuracy
MA Alsmirat, F Al-Alem, M Al-Ayyoub, Y Jararweh, B Gupta
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Automated wireless video surveillance: an evaluation framework
MA Alsmirat, Y Jararweh, I Obaidat, BB Gupta
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Software-defined system support for enabling ubiquitous mobile edge computing
Y Jararweh, M Alsmirat, M Al-Ayyoub, E Benkhelifa, A Darabseh, B Gupta, ...
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Computer-aided diagnosis of lumbar disc herniation
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A security framework for cloud-based video surveillance system
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MA Alsmirat, M Al-Hadrusi, NJ Sarhan
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On the road to the internet of biometric things: a survey of fingerprint acquisition technologies and fingerprint databases
F Al-Alem, MA Alsmirat, M Al-Ayyoub
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Accelerating Levenshtein and Damerau edit distance algorithms using GPU with unified memory
K Balhaf, MA Alsmirat, M Al-Ayyoub, Y Jararweh, MA Shehab
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Waiting-time prediction in scalable on-demand video streaming
NJ Sarhan, MA Alsmirat, M Al-Hadrusi
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Transferable hmm trained matrices for accelerating statistical segmentation time
S AlZu'bi, S Al-Qatawneh, M Alsmirat
2018 Fifth International Conference on Social Networks Analysis, Management …, 2018
Energy efficient dynamic resource management in cloud computing based on logistic regression model and median absolute deviation
Y Jararweh, MB Issa, M Daraghmeh, M Al-Ayyoub, MA Alsmirat
Sustainable Computing: Informatics and Systems 19, 262-274, 2018
Cross-layer optimization and effective airtime estimation for wireless video streaming
MA Alsmirat, NJ Sarhan
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Cross-layer optimization for automated video surveillance
M Alsmirat, NJ Sarhan
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Virtualization-based cognitive radio networks
M Al-Ayyoub, Y Jararweh, A Doulat, HAB Salameh, AAA Al Aziz, ...
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SIFT based ROI extraction for lumbar disk herniation CAD system from MRI axial scans
M Al-Ayyoub, N Al-Mnayyis, MA Alsmirat, K Alawneh, Y Jararweh, ...
Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing, 1-9, 2018
Adaptive e-learning web-based English tutor using data mining techniques and Jackson's learning styles
YM Tashtoush, M Al-Soud, M Fraihat, W Al-Sarayrah, MA Alsmirat
2017 8th International Conference on Information and Communication Systems …, 2017
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