Irina Delidovich
Irina Delidovich
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Alternative monomers based on lignocellulose and their use for polymer production
I Delidovich, PJC Hausoul, L Deng, R Pfützenreuter, M Rose, ...
Chemical reviews 116 (3), 1540-1599, 2016
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I Delidovich, K Leonhard, R Palkovits
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I Delidovich, R Palkovits
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L Negahdar, I Delidovich, R Palkovits
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Aerobic selective oxidation of glucose to gluconate catalyzed by Au/Al2O3 and Au/C: impact of the mass-transfer processes on the overall kinetics
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IV Delidovich, OP Taran, LG Matvienko, AN Simonov, IL Simakova, ...
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X Yi, I Delidovich, Z Sun, S Wang, X Wang, R Palkovits
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Catalytic versus stoichiometric reagents as a key concept for Green Chemistry
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Microwave-assisted reduction of levulinic acid with alcohols producing γ-valerolactone in the presence of a Ru/C catalyst
MG Al-Shaal, M Calin, I Delidovich, R Palkovits
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Impacts of acidity and textural properties of oxidized carbon materials on their catalytic activity for hydrolysis of cellobiose
I Delidovich, R Palkovits
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Anionic extraction for efficient recovery of biobased 2, 3-butanediol—a platform for bulk and fine chemicals
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I Delidovich, A Hoffmann, A Willms, M Rose
ACS Catalysis 7 (6), 3792-3798, 2017
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