Emily Hunter
Emily Hunter
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Servant leaders inspire servant followers: Antecedents and outcomes for employees and the organization
EM Hunter, MJ Neubert, SJ Perry, LA Witt, LM Penney, E Weinberger
The Leadership Quarterly 24 (2), 316-331, 2013
Can counterproductive work behaviors be productive? CWB as emotion-focused coping.
MM Krischer, LM Penney, EM Hunter
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D Carlson, M Ferguson, E Hunter, D Whitten
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Give me a better break: Choosing workday break activities to maximize resource recovery.
EM Hunter, C Wu
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A servant leader and their stakeholders: When does organizational structure enhance a leader's influence?
MJ Neubert, EM Hunter, RC Tolentino
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SJ Perry, EM Hunter, LA Witt, KJ Harris
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Inside multi-disciplinary science and engineering research centers: The impact of organizational climate on invention disclosures and patents
EM Hunter, SJ Perry, SC Currall
Research Policy 40 (9), 1226-1239, 2011
The waiter spit in my soup! Antecedents of customer-directed counterproductive work behavior
EM Hunter, LM Penney
Human Performance 27 (3), 262-281, 2014
When does virtuality really “work”? Examining the role of work–family and virtuality in social loafing
SJ Perry, NM Lorinkova, EM Hunter, A Hubbard, JT McMahon
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EM Hunter, MA Clark, DS Carlson
Journal of Management 45 (3), 1284-1308, 2019
Organized innovation: A blueprint for renewing America's prosperity
SC Currall, E Frauenheim, SJ Perry, EM Hunter
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Demography and disappearing merchandise: How older workforces influence retail shrinkage
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Boundary conditions of ethical leadership: Exploring supervisor-induced and job hindrance stress as potential inhibitors
MJ Quade, SJ Perry, EM Hunter
Journal of Business Ethics 158 (4), 1165-1184, 2019
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