Cari Herrmann Abell
Cari Herrmann Abell
BSCS Science Learning
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The mechanical properties of atomic layer deposited alumina for use in micro-and nano-electromechanical systems
MK Tripp, C Stampfer, DC Miller, T Helbling, CF Herrmann, C Hierold, ...
Sensors and Actuators A: Physical 130, 419-429, 2006
Al2O3 atomic layer deposition to enhance the deposition of hydrophobic or hydrophilic coatings on micro-electromechanical devices
SM George, CF Herrmann
US Patent 7,553,686, 2009
Multilayer and functional coatings on carbon nanotubes using atomic layer deposition
CF Herrmann, FH Fabreguette, DS Finch, R Geiss, SM George
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DS Finch, T Oreskovic, K Ramadurai, CF Herrmann, SM George, ...
Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A: An Official Journal of The …, 2008
Alternative dielectric films for rf MEMS capacitive switches deposited using atomic layer deposited Al2O3/ZnO alloys
CF Herrmann, FW DelRio, DC Miller, SM George, VM Bright, JL Ebel, ...
Sensors and Actuators A: Physical 135 (1), 262-272, 2007
Using distractor-driven standards-based multiple-choice assessments and Rasch modeling to investigate hierarchies of chemistry misconceptions and detect structural problems …
CF Herrmann-Abell, GE DeBoer
Chemistry Education Research and Practice 12 (2), 184-192, 2011
Conformal hydrophobic coatings prepared using atomic layer deposition seed layers and non-chlorinated hydrophobic precursors
CF Herrmann, FW DelRio, VM Bright, SM George
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Investigating a learning progression for energy ideas from upper elementary through high school
CF Herrmann‐Abell, GE DeBoer
Journal of Research in Science Teaching 55 (1), 68-93, 2018
Comparing three online testing modalities: Using static, active, and interactive online testing modalities to assess middle school students' understanding of fundamental ideas …
GE DeBoer, ES Quellmalz, JL Davenport, MJ Timms, CF Herrmann‐Abell, ...
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Spontaneous roughening: Fundamental limits in Si (100) halogen etch processing
CF Herrmann, D Chen, JJ Boland
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DC Miller, CF Herrmann, HJ Maier, SM George, CR Stoldt, K Gall
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Investigating Students’ Understanding of Energy Transformation, Energy Transfer, and Conservation of Energy Using Standards-Based Assessment Items
CF Herrmann-Abell, GE DeBoer
Annual Conference of the National Association for Research in Science Teaching, 2011
Thermo-mechanical evolution of multilayer thin films: Part II. Microstructure evolution in Au/Cr/Si microcantilevers
DC Miller, CF Herrmann, HJ Maier, SM George, CR Stoldt, K Gall
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Assessment linked to science learning goals: Probing student thinking during item development
GE DeBoer, CF Herrmann-Abell, A Gogos
annual conference of the National Association for Research in Science …, 2007
Designing for the next generation science standards: Educative curriculum materials and measures of teacher knowledge
JE Roseman, CF Herrmann-Abell, M Koppal
Journal of Science Teacher Education 28 (1), 111-141, 2017
A flip–chip encapsulation method for packaging of MEMS actuators using surface micromachined polysilicon caps for BioMEMS applications
HV Panchawagh, FF Faheem, CF Herrmann, DB Serrell, DS Finch, ...
Sensors and Actuators A: Physical 134 (1), 11-19, 2007
Developing and using distractor-driven multiple-choice assessments aligned to ideas about energy forms, transformation, transfer, and conservation
CF Herrmann-Abell, GE DeBoer
Teaching and learning of energy in K–12 education, 103-133, 2014
The role of repulsive interactions in molecular bromine adsorption and patterning of Si (100)-2× 1
CF Herrmann, JJ Boland
Surface science 460 (1-3), 223-228, 2000
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