David Bessieres
David Bessieres
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Simultaneous estimation of phase behavior and second-derivative properties using the statistical associating fluid theory with variable range approach
T Lafitte, D Bessieres, MM Piñeiro, JL Daridon
The Journal of chemical physics 124 (2), 024509, 2006
Interfacial Properties of Water/CO2: A Comprehensive Description through a Gradient Theory−SAFT-VR Mie Approach
T Lafitte, B Mendiboure, MM Pineiro, D Bessieres, C Miqueu
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 114 (34), 11110-11116, 2010
A comprehensive description of chemical association effects on second derivative properties of alcohols through a SAFT-VR approach
T Lafitte, MM Piñeiro, JL Daridon, D Bessières
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 111 (13), 3447-3461, 2007
Automated measuring device of (p, ρ, T) data: Application to the 1-hexanol+ n-hexane system
J Troncoso, D Bessières, CA Cerdeiriña, E Carballo, L Romanı
Fluid phase equilibria 208 (1-2), 141-154, 2003
Interfacial properties of the Mie fluid: Molecular simulations and gradient theory results
G Galliero, MM Piñeiro, B Mendiboure, C Miqueu, T Lafitte, D Bessieres
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Description of PVT behaviour of hydrofluoroethers using the PC-SAFT EOS
J Vijande, MM Pineiro, D Bessieres, H Saint-Guirons, JL Legido
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 6 (4), 766-770, 2004
Volumetric and derivative properties under pressure for the system 1-propanol+ toluene: A discussion of PC-SAFT and SAFT-VR
G Watson, T Lafitte, CK Zéberg-Mikkelsen, A Baylaucq, D Bessieres, ...
Fluid phase equilibria 247 (1-2), 121-134, 2006
High-pressure (up to 140 MPa) density and derivative properties of some (pentyl-, hexyl-, and heptyl-) amines between (293.15 and 353.15) K
Y Miyake, A Baylaucq, F Plantier, D Bessières, H Ushiki, C Boned
The Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics 40 (5), 836-845, 2008
Heat capacity of associated systems. Experimental data and application of a two-state model to pure liquids and mixtures
CA Cerdeirina, J Troncoso, D Gonzalez-Salgado, G García-Miaja, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 111 (5), 1119-1128, 2007
Volumetric behavior of decane+ carbon dioxide at high pressures. Measurement and calculation
D Bessieres, H Saint-Guirons, JL Daridon
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Group-contribution method for the molecular parameters of the PC-SAFT equation of state taking into account the proximity effect. Application to nonassociated compounds
J Vijande, MM Pineiro, JL Legido, D Bessieres
Industrial & engineering chemistry research 49 (19), 9394-9406, 2010
P ρ T Measurements of Nonafluorobutyl Methyl Ether and Nonafluorobutyl Ethyl Ether Between 283.15 and 323.15 K at Pressures Up to 40 MPa
MM Piñeiro, D Bessières, JL Legido, H Saint-Guirons
International journal of thermophysics 24 (5), 1265-1276, 2003
Thermal behavior of mixtures of bentonitic clay and saline solutions
LM Casás, M Pozo, CP Gómez, E Pozo, LD Bessières, F Plantier, ...
Applied clay science 72, 18-25, 2013
Specific heat of mixtures of bentonitic clay with sea water or distilled water for their use in thermotherapy
LM Casás, JL Legido, M Pozo, L Mourelle, F Plantier, D Bessières
Thermochimica acta 524 (1-2), 68-73, 2011
pρTx Data for the Dimethyl Carbonate + Decane System
J Troncoso, D Bessières, CA Cerdeiriña, E Carballo, L Romaní
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MM Piñeiro, D Bessières, JM Gacio, H Saint-Guirons, JL Legido
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Thermophysical properties of n-tridecane from 313.15 to 373.15 K and up to 100 MPa from heat capacity and density data
D Bessieres, H Saint-Guirons, JL Daridon
Journal of thermal analysis and calorimetry 62 (3), 621-632, 2000
On the isobaric thermal expansivity of liquids
J Troncoso, P Navia, L Romaní, D Bessieres, T Lafitte
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Simultaneous free-volume modeling of the self-diffusion coefficient and dynamic viscosity at high pressure
C Boned, A Allal, A Baylaucq, CK Zeberg-Mikkelsen, D Bessieres, ...
Physical Review E 69 (3), 031203, 2004
A combined pressure-controlled scanning calorimetry and Monte Carlo determination of the Joule− Thomson inversion curve. Application to methane
D Bessieres, SL Randzio, MM Piñeiro, T Lafitte, JL Daridon
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 110 (11), 5659-5664, 2006
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