Erwin W. J. Bergsma
Erwin W. J. Bergsma
CNES - Earth Observation Lab
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Video-based nearshore bathymetry estimation in macro-tidal environments
EWJ Bergsma, DC Conley, MA Davidson, TJ O'Hare
Marine Geology 374, 31-41, 2016
High-resolution monitoring of wave transformation in the surf zone using a LiDAR scanner array
K Martins, CE Blenkinsopp, HE Power, B Bruder, JA Puleo, EWJ Bergsma
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Video-based depth inversion techniques, a method comparison with synthetic cases
EWJ Bergsma, R Almar
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LP Almeida, R Almar, EWJ Bergsma, E Berthier, P Baptista, E Garel, ...
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On the operational use of UAVs for video-derived bathymetry
EWJ Bergsma, R Almar, LPM de Almeida, M Sall
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Radon-augmented sentinel-2 satellite imagery to derive wave-patterns and regional bathymetry
EWJ Bergsma, R Almar, P Maisongrande
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Wave-derived coastal bathymetry from satellite video imagery: A showcase with pleiades persistent mode
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EWJ Bergsma, CE Blenkinsopp, K Martins, R Almar, LPM de Almeida
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E Salameh, F Frappart, R Almar, P Baptista, G Heygster, B Lubac, ...
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Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology 36 (8), 1591-1603, 2019
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EWJ Bergsma, DC Conley, MA Davidson, TJ O'Hare, R Almar
Remote Sensing 11 (5), 519, 2019
Coastal coverage of ESA’Sentinel 2 mission
EWJ Bergsma, R Almar
Advances in Space Research 65 (11), 2636-2644, 2020
Temporal variability of lagoon–sea water exchange and seawater circulation through a Mediterranean barrier beach
J Tamborski, P van Beek, V Rodellas, C Monnin, E Bergsma, T Stieglitz, ...
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EWJ Bergsma, DC Conley, MA Davidson, TJ O’Hare, RA Holman
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Coastal bathymetry from optical submetric satellite video sequence: A showcase with Pleiades persistent mode
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Remote Sens. Environ 231, 111263, 2019
A new remote predictor of wave reflection based on runup asymmetry
R Almar, C Blenkinsopp, LP Almeida, PA Catalán, E Bergsma, ...
Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 217, 1-8, 2019
Tide control on the swash dynamics of a steep beach with low-tide terrace
LP Almeida, R Almar, P Marchesiello, C Blenkinsopp, K Martins, ...
Marine Geology, accepted with minor revisions, 2017
Radon-augmentation of sentinel-ii imagery to enhance resolution and visibility of (nearshore) ocean-wave patterns
EWJ Bergsma, R Almar, P Maisongrande
IGARSS 2019-2019 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium …, 2019
Application of an improved video-based depth inversion technique to a macrotidal sandy beach
EWJ Bergsma
University of Plymouth, 2017
Lidar observations of the swash zone of a low-tide terraced tropical beach under variable wave conditions: the nha trang (vietnam) coastvar experiment
LLP Almeida, R Almar, C Blenkinsopp, N Senechal, E Bergsma, F Floc’h, ...
Journal of Marine Science and Engineering 8 (5), 302, 2020
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