Emily Hill
Emily Hill
Associate Professor of Computer Science
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Towards automatically generating summary comments for java methods
G Sridhara, E Hill, D Muppaneni, L Pollock, K Vijay-Shanker
Proceedings of the IEEE/ACM international conference on Automated software …, 2010
Using natural language program analysis to locate and understand action-oriented concerns
D Shepherd, ZP Fry, E Hill, L Pollock, K Vijay-Shanker
Proceedings of the 6th international conference on Aspect-oriented software …, 2007
Automatically capturing source code context of nl-queries for software maintenance and reuse
E Hill, L Pollock, K Vijay-Shanker
2009 IEEE 31st International Conference on Software Engineering, 232-242, 2009
Mining source code to automatically split identifiers for software analysis
E Enslen, E Hill, L Pollock, K Vijay-Shanker
2009 6th IEEE International Working Conference on Mining Software …, 2009
Exploring the neighborhood with dora to expedite software maintenance
E Hill, L Pollock, K Vijay-Shanker
Proceedings of the twenty-second IEEE/ACM international conference on …, 2007
Applying concept analysis to user-session-based testing of web applications
S Sampath, S Sprenkle, E Gibson, L Pollock, AS Greenwald
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Automated replay and failure detection for web applications
S Sprenkle, E Gibson, S Sampath, L Pollock
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AMAP: automatically mining abbreviation expansions in programs to enhance software maintenance tools
E Hill, ZP Fry, H Boyd, G Sridhara, Y Novikova, L Pollock, K Vijay-Shanker
Proceedings of the 2008 international working conference on Mining software …, 2008
Does a programmer's activity indicate knowledge of code?
T Fritz, GC Murphy, E Hill
Proceedings of the the 6th joint meeting of the European software …, 2007
Identifying word relations in software: A comparative study of semantic similarity tools
G Sridhara, E Hill, L Pollock, K Vijay-Shanker
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Design and evaluation of an automated aspect mining tool
D Shepherd, E Gibson, L Pollock
IEEE, 2004
An empirical comparison of test suite reduction techniques for user-session-based testing of web applications
S Sprenkle, S Sampath, E Gibson, L Pollock, A Souter
21st IEEE International Conference on Software Maintenance (ICSM'05), 587-596, 2005
Degree-of-knowledge: Modeling a developer's knowledge of code
T Fritz, GC Murphy, E Murphy-Hill, J Ou, E Hill
ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology (TOSEM) 23 (2), 1-42, 2014
Improving source code search with natural language phrasal representations of method signatures
E Hill, L Pollock, K Vijay-Shanker
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Analysing source code: looking for useful verb–direct object pairs in all the right places
ZP Fry, D Shepherd, E Hill, L Pollock, K Vijay-Shanker
IET software 2 (1), 27-36, 2008
Integrating natural language and program structure information to improve software search and exploration
E Hill
University of Delaware, 2010
An empirical study of identifier splitting techniques
E Hill, D Binkley, D Lawrie, L Pollock, K Vijay-Shanker
Empirical Software Engineering 19 (6), 1754-1780, 2014
A case study of automatically creating test suites from web application field data
S Sprenkle, E Gibson, S Sampath, L Pollock
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An empirical study of the concept assignment problem
MP Robillard, D Shepherd, E Hill, K Vijay-Shanker, L Pollock
School of Computer Science, McGill University, Tech. Rep. SOCS-TR-2007.3, 2007
On the use of stemming for concern location and bug localization in java
E Hill, S Rao, A Kak
2012 IEEE 12th International Working Conference on Source Code Analysis and …, 2012
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