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David Gray
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Ultra-low shrinkage hybrid photosensitive material for two-photon polymerization microfabrication
A Ovsianikov, J Viertl, B Chichkov, M Oubaha, B MacCraith, I Sakellari, ...
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I Sakellari, E Kabouraki, D Gray, V Purlys, C Fotakis, A Pikulin, N Bityurin, ...
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S Curran, AP Davey, J Coleman, A Dalton, B McCarthy, S Maier, A Drury, ...
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Ultraviolet laser filaments for remote laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) analysis: applications in cultural heritage monitoring
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N Vasilantonakis, K Terzaki, I Sakellari, V Purlys, D Gray, CM Soukoulis, ...
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I Sakellari, A Gaidukeviciute, A Giakoumaki, D Gray, C Fotakis, M Farsari, ...
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Disclosing intrinsic molecular dynamics on the 1-fs scale through extreme-ultraviolet pump-probe measurements
PA Carpeggiani, P Tzallas, A Palacios, D Gray, F Martín, D Charalambidis
Physical Review A 89 (2), 023420, 2014
Controlling ripples’ periodicity using temporally delayed femtosecond laser double pulses
M Barberoglou, D Gray, E Magoulakis, C Fotakis, PA Loukakos, ...
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π-Expanded ketocoumarins as efficient, biocompatible initiators for two-photon-induced polymerization
R Nazir, P Danilevicius, AI Ciuciu, M Chatzinikolaidou, D Gray, L Flamigni, ...
Chemistry of Materials 26 (10), 3175-3184, 2014
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É Tyrrell, C Gibson, BD MacCraith, D Gray, P Byrne, N Kent, C Burke, ...
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Push–Pull Acylo-Phosphine Oxides for Two-Photon-Induced Polymerization
R Nazir, P Danilevicius, D Gray, M Farsari, DT Gryko
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Femtosecond pulse shaping for phase and morphology control in PLD: Synthesis of cubic SiC
C Ristoscu, G Socol, C Ghica, IN Mihailescu, D Gray, A Klini, A Manousaki, ...
Applied surface science 252 (13), 4857-4862, 2006
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