julien perez
julien perez
Machine Learning Lead, Naver Labs Europe
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Gated end-to-end memory networks
F Liu, J Perez
Proceedings of the 15th Conference of the European Chapter of the …, 2017
Xrce at semeval-2016 task 5: Feedbacked ensemble modeling on syntactico-semantic knowledge for aspect based sentiment analysis
C Brun, J Perez, C Roux
Proceedings of the 10th international workshop on semantic evaluation …, 2016
Dialog state tracking, a machine reading approach using memory network
J Perez, F Liu
arXiv preprint arXiv:1606.04052, 2016
QoE-based server selection for content distribution networks
HA Tran, S Hoceini, A Mellouk, J Perez, S Zeadally
IEEE Transactions on Computers 63 (11), 2803-2815, 2013
Motivating personality-aware machine translation
S Mirkin, S Nowson, C Brun, J Perez
Proceedings of the 2015 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language …, 2015
Grid coevolution for adaptive simulations: Application to the building of opening books in the game of go
P Audouard, G Chaslot, JB Hoock, J Perez, A Rimmel, O Teytaud
Workshops on applications of evolutionary computation, 323-332, 2009
A language-independent and compositional model for personality trait recognition from short texts
F Liu, J Perez, S Nowson
arXiv preprint arXiv:1610.04345, 2016
Toward autonomic grids: Analyzing the job flow with affinity streaming
X Zhang, C Furtlehner, J Perez, C Germain-Renaud, M Sebag
Proceedings of the 15th ACM SIGKDD international conference on Knowledge …, 2009
Overview of the sixth dialog system technology challenge: DSTC6
C Hori, J Perez, R Higashinaka, T Hori, YL Boureau, M Inaba, ...
Computer Speech & Language 55, 1-25, 2019
Multi-objective reinforcement learning for responsive grids
J Perez, C Germain-Renaud, B Kégl, C Loomis
Journal of Grid Computing 8 (3), 473-492, 2010
Author personality trait recognition from short texts with a deep compositional learning approach
J Perez, S Nowson, F Liu
US Patent 10,049,103, 2018
Meta monte-carlo tree search for automatic opening book generation
GMJB Chaslot, JB Hoock, J Perez, A Rimmel, O Teytaud, MHM Winands
Proc. 21st Int. Joint Conf. Artif. Intell., Pasadena, California, 7-12, 2009
Dialog system technology challenge 7
K Yoshino, C Hori, J Perez, LF D'Haro, L Polymenakos, C Gunasekara, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1901.03461, 2019
Responsive elastic computing
J Perez, C Germain-Renaud, B Kégl, C Loomis
Proceedings of the 6th international conference industry session on Grids …, 2009
Utility-based reinforcement learning for reactive grids
J Perez, C Germain-Renaud, B Kégl, C Loomis
2008 International Conference on Autonomic Computing, 205-206, 2008
The 7th dialog system technology challenge
K Yoshino, C Hori, J Perez, LF D’Haro, L Polymenakos, C Gunasekara, ...
arXiv preprint, 2018
A principled method for exploiting opening books
R Gaudel, JB Hoock, J Pérez, N Sokolovska, O Teytaud
International conference on computers and games, 136-144, 2010
Machine reading method for dialog state tracking
J Perez
US Patent 10,540,967, 2020
Online learning to sample
G Bouchard, T Trouillon, J Perez, A Gaidon
arXiv preprint arXiv:1506.09016, 2015
XRCE personal language analytics engine for multilingual author profiling
S Nowson, J Perez, C Brun, S Mirkin, C Roux
Working Notes Papers of the CLEF, 1412-1424, 2015
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