Konstantinos Giannakis
Konstantinos Giannakis
Ionian University, Dept. of Informatics
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User Requirements for Gamifying Sports Software
K Giannakis, K Chorianopoulos, L Jaccheri
GAS 2013, San Francisco, CA, USA, 22-26, 2013
Dominant strategies of quantum games on quantum periodic automata
K Giannakis, C Papalitsas, K Kastampolidou, A Singh, T Andronikos
Computation 3 (4), 586-599, 2015
Initialization methods for the TSP with time windows using variable neighborhood search
C Papalitsas, K Giannakis, T Andronikos, D Theotokis, A Sifaleras
2015 6th International Conference on Information, Intelligence, Systems and …, 2015
Quantum automata for infinite periodic words
K Giannakis, C Papalitsas, T Andronikos
2015 6th international conference on information, intelligence, systems and …, 2015
Querying linked data and Büchi automata
K Giannakis, T Andronikos
2014 9th International Workshop on Semantic and Social Media Adaptation and …, 2014
Membrane automata for modeling biomolecular processes
K Giannakis, T Andronikos
Natural Computing 16 (1), 151-163, 2015
Mitochondrial fusion through membrane automata
K Giannakis, T Andronikos
GeNeDis 2014 820, 163-172, 2015
Associating ω-automata to path queries on Webs of Linked Data
K Giannakis, G Theocharopoulou, C Papalitsas, T Andronikos, P Vlamos
Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence 51, 115-123, 2016
Use of Büchi automata and randomness for the description of biological processes
K Giannakis, T Andronikos
Int. J. Sci. World 3 (1), 113-123, 2015
Web Mining to Create Semantic Content: A Case Study for the Environment
G Theocharopoulou, K Giannakis
Artificial Intelligence Applications and Innovations, 411-420, 2012
Computing probabilistic queries in the presence of uncertainty via probabilistic automata
T Andronikos, A Singh, K Giannakis, S Sioutas
International Workshop on Algorithmic Aspects of Cloud Computing, 106-120, 2017
Qumin, a minimalist quantum programming language
A Singh, K Giannakis, T Andronikos
arXiv preprint arXiv:1704.04460, 2017
Probabilistic flooding coverage analysis for efficient information dissemination in wireless networks
G Koufoudakis, K Oikonomou, K Giannakis, S Aïssa
Computer Networks 140, 51-61, 2018
Combinatorial GVNS (general variable neighborhood search) optimization for dynamic garbage collection
C Papalitsas, P Karakostas, T Andronikos, S Sioutas, K Giannakis
Algorithms 11 (4), 38, 2018
Finite automata capturing winning sequences for all possible variants of the PQ penny flip game
T Andronikos, A Sirokofskich, K Kastampolidou, M Varvouzou, ...
Mathematics 6 (2), 20, 2018
A Proposed Algorithm for Data Measurements Synchronization in Wireless Sensor Networks
S Fanarioti, A Tsipis, K Giannakis, G Koufoudakis, E Christopoulou, ...
Second International Balkan Conference on Communications and Networking …, 2018
Random Walker Coverage Analysis for Information Dissemination in Wireless Sensor Networks
K Skiadopoulos, K Giannakis, K Oikonomou
Technologies 5 (2), 33, 2017
Methods and patterns for user-friendly quantum programming
A Singh, K Giannakis, K Kastampolidou, C Papalitsas
GeNeDis 2016, 201-210, 2017
Hellenic Natural Resources with Ontologies
S Koursaris, K Giannakis
EUREKA '11, 2011
A Distributed Method to Organize Terrestrial Nodes to Facilitate Short Drone Routes in WSNs
K Skiadopoulos, K Giannakis, S Fanarioti, K Oikonomou, I Stavrakakis
Third International Balkan Conference on Communications and Networking 2019 …, 2019
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