Jose D. Gilgado
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Out of the dark void: Ommatoiulus longicornis n. sp., a new julid from Spain (Diplopoda, Julida) with notes on some troglobiomorphic traits in millipedes
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Intra-and inter-population polymorphism in Coletinia maggii (Grassi, 1887)(Zygentoma: Nicoletiidae), an inhabitant of soil, mesovoid shallow substratum (MSS) and caves—A …
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Ground-dwelling invertebrate diversity in domestic gardens along a rural-urban gradient: Landscape characteristics are more important than garden characteristics
B Braschler, JD Gilgado, V Zwahlen, HP Rusterholz, S Buchholz, B Baur
PloS one 15 (10), e0240061, 2020
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