David Cline
David Cline
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Παρατίθεται από
Energy redistribution path tracing
D Cline, J Talbot, P Egbert
ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG) 24 (3), 1186-1195, 2005
A GPU Laplacian solver for diffusion curves and Poisson image editing
S Jeschke, D Cline, P Wonka
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Importance resampling for global illumination
JF Talbot
Brigham Young University, 2005
Dart throwing on surfaces
D Cline, S Jeschke, K White, A Razdan, P Wonka
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Poisson disk point sets by hierarchical dart throwing
KB White, D Cline, PK Egbert
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Interactive display of very large textures
D Cline, PK Egbert
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Route visualization using detail lenses
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Terrain decimation through quadtree morphing
D Cline, PK Egbert
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Two Stage Importance Sampling for Direct Lighting.
D Cline, PK Egbert, J Talbot, DL Cardon
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Modeling and rendering viscous liquids
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Fast 8-bit median filtering based on separability
D Cline, KB White, PK Egbert
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Manual assembly training in virtual environments
P Dwivedi, D Cline, C Joe, R Etemadpour
2018 IEEE 18th International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies …, 2018
A practical introduction to metropolis light transport
D Cline, P Egbert
Brigham Young University, 2005
Fluid flow for the rest of us: Tutorial of the marker and cell method in computer graphics
D Cline, D Cardon, PK Egbert
Brigham Young University, 2013
A Shape Grammar for Developing Glyph‐based Visualizations
P Karnick, S Jeschke, D Cline, A Razdan, E Wentz, P Wonka
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A comparison of tabular PDF inversion methods
D Cline, A Razdan, P Wonka
Computer Graphics Forum 28 (1), 154-160, 2009
Gpu rendering of relief mapped conical frusta
D Bhagvat, S Jeschke, D Cline, P Wonka
Computer Graphics Forum 28 (8), 2131-2139, 2009
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