Sucheta Mondal
Sucheta Mondal
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All-optical detection of the spin Hall angle in heterostructures with varying thickness of the tungsten layer
S Mondal, S Choudhury, N Jha, A Ganguly, J Sinha, A Barman
Physical review B 96 (5), 054414, 2017
All-optical detection of interfacial spin transparency from spin pumping in β-Ta/CoFeB thin films
SN Panda, S Mondal, J Sinha, S Choudhury, A Barman
Science advances 5 (4), eaav7200, 2019
Hybrid magnetodynamical modes in a single magnetostrictive nanomagnet on a piezoelectric substrate arising from magnetoelastic modulation of precessional dynamics
S Mondal, MA Abeed, K Dutta, A De, S Sahoo, A Barman, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 10 (50), 43970-43977, 2018
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G Gubbiotti
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S Sahoo, S Mondal, G Williams, A May, S Ladak, A Barman
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S Pan, S Mondal, T Seki, K Takanashi, A Barman
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A De, S Mondal, C Banerjee, AK Chaurasiya, R Mandal, Y Otani, RK Mitra, ...
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 50 (38), 385002, 2017
Transition from strongly collective to completely isolated ultrafast magnetization dynamics in two-dimensional hexagonal arrays of nanodots with varying inter-dot separation
S Mondal, S Choudhury, S Barman, YC Otani, A Barman
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Laser controlled spin dynamics of ferromagnetic thin film from femtosecond to nanosecond timescale
S Mondal, A Barman
Physical Review Applied 10 (5), 054037, 2018
Influence of anisotropic dipolar interaction on the spin dynamics of Ni80Fe20 nanodot arrays arranged in honeycomb and octagonal lattices
S Mondal, S Barman, S Choudhury, Y Otani, A Barman
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 458, 95-104, 2018
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Enhanced amplification and fan-out operation in an all-magnetic transistor
S Barman, S Saha, S Mondal, D Kumar, A Barman
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Role of magnetic anisotropy in the ultrafast magnetization dynamics of Gd-Fe thin films of different thicknesses
S Mondal, A Talapatra, JA Chelvane, JR Mohanty, A Barman
Physical Review B 100 (5), 054436, 2019
All optical detection of picosecond spin-wave dynamics in 2D annular antidot lattice
N Porwal, S Mondal, S Choudhury, A De, J Sinha, A Barman, PK Datta
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A De, S Mondal, S Choudhury, S Sahoo, S Majumder, S Barman, ...
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 487, 165263, 2019
Tunability of domain structure and magnonic spectra in antidot arrays of heusler alloy
S Mallick, S Mondal, T Seki, S Sahoo, T Forrest, F Maccherozzi, Z Wen, ...
Physical Review Applied 12 (1), 014043, 2019
Magnetic vortex transistor based tri-state buffer Switch
S Mondal, S Barman, A Barman
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 502, 166520, 2020
Edge localization of spin waves in antidot multilayers with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy
S Pan, S Mondal, M Zelent, R Szwierz, S Pal, O Hellwig, M Krawczyk, ...
Physical Review B 101 (1), 014403, 2020
Observation of angle-dependent mode conversion and mode hopping in 2D annular antidot lattice
N Porwal, A De, S Mondal, K Dutta, S Choudhury, J Sinha, A Barman, ...
Scientific reports 9 (1), 1-9, 2019
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