Dimitra Dimotikali
Dimitra Dimotikali
Professor of Chemical Engineering, National Technical University of Athens, Greece
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Photolytic degradation of all chlorophenols with polyoxometallates and H2O2
S Antonaraki, E Androulaki, D Dimotikali, A Hiskia, E Papaconstantinou
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A Trapalis, N Todorova, T Giannakopoulou, N Boukos, T Speliotis, ...
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New aspect of the mechanism of photocatalytic oxidation of organic compounds by polyoxometalates in aqueous solutions. The selective photooxidation of propan-2-ol to propanone …
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Development of a rapid and sensitive method for the simultaneous determination of 1, 2-dibromoethane, 1, 4-dichlorobenzene and naphthalene residues in honey using HS-SPME …
K Tsimeli, TM Triantis, D Dimotikali, A Hiskia
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