george bozionelos
george bozionelos
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Coseismic deformation, field observations and seismic fault of the 17 November 2015 M= 6.5, Lefkada Island, Greece earthquake
A Ganas, P Elias, G Bozionelos, G Papathanassiou, A Avallone, ...
Tectonophysics 687, 210-222, 2016
The 2013 earthquake swarm in Helike, Greece: seismic activity at the root of old normal faults
V Kapetanidis, A Deschamps, P Papadimitriou, E Matrullo, ...
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The 25 October 2018 Mw= 6.7 Zakynthos earthquake (Ionian Sea, Greece): A low-angle fault model based on GNSS data, relocated seismicity, small tsunami and implications for the …
A Ganas, P Briole, G Bozionelos, A Barberopoulou, P Elias, V Tsironi, ...
Journal of Geodynamics 137, 101731, 2020
Anisotropy study in Villia (E. Corinth Gulf, Greece)
G Kaviris, V Kapetanidis, P Kravvariti, A Karakonstantis, G Bozionelos, ...
Proceedings of the Second ECEES, 2014
A preliminary report on the Nov 17, 2015 M= 6.4 South Lefkada earthquake, Ionian Sea, Greece
A Ganas, P Briole, G Papathanassiou, G Bozionelos, A Avallone, ...
Report published online on EMSC, 2015
Does absence of charismatic species impact the ecotourism potential of Central Mediterranean islands?
K Agius, N Theuma, A Deidun
Malta Chamber of Scientists, 2018
The Kefallinia Island earthquake sequence January–February 2014
P Papadimitriou, N Voulgaris, V Kouskouna, I Kassaras, G Kaviris, ...
Abstract, 2nd ECEES, Istanbul, Turkey, 2014
The October 25, 2018 M6. 7 Zakynthos earthquake sequence (Ionian Sea, Greece): fault modelling from seismic and GNSS data and implications for seismic strain release along the …
A Ganas, P Briole, G Bozionelos, P Elias, S Valkaniotis, V Tsironi, ...
Bull. Geological Society of Greece, Special Publication 7, 602-603, 2019
Shallow high-resolution geophysical investigation along the western segment of the Victoria Lines Fault (island of Malta)
F Villani, S D'Amico, F Panzera, M Vassallo, G Bozionelos, D Farrugia, ...
Tectonophysics 724, 220-233, 2018
Seismic Signature of the Azure Window Collapse, Gozo, Central Mediterranean
P Galea, G Bozionelos, S D’Amico, A Drago, E Colica
Seismological Research Letters 89 (3), 1108-1117, 2018
Preliminary report on the Lefkada 17 November 2015 Mw= 6.4 earthquake
P Papadimitriou, A Karakonstantis, G Bozionelos, V Kapetanidis, ...
Report published online on EMSC, 2015
Seismicity and Tomographic Imaging of the Broader Nisyros Region (Greece)
P Papadimitriou, A Karakonstantis, V Kapetanidis, G Bozionelos, ...
Nisyros Volcano, 245-271, 2018
An augmented seismic network to study off-shore seismicity around the Maltese Islands: The FASTMIT experiment
G Bozionelos, P Galea, S D’Amico, MP Plasencia Linares, M Romanelli, ...
Malta Chamber of Scientists, 2019
Geological and seismological evidence for NW-SE crustal extension at the southern margin of Heraklion basin, Crete.
A Ganas, C Fassoulas, A Moshou, G Bozionelos, G Papathanassiou, ...
Bulletin of the Geological Society of Greece 51, 52-75, 2017
Coseismic deformation and slip model of the 17 November 2015 M= 6.5 earthquake, Lefkada Island, Greece
A Ganas, D Melgar, P Briole, J Geng, G Papathanassiou, G Bozionelos, ...
EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts, EPSC2016-12041, 2016
A detailed tomographic approach on Western Greece crustal velocity structure. Comparative study based on recent earthquake crises
Book of Abstracts, Second European Conference on Earthquake Engineering and …, 2014
A first national seismic network for the Maltese islands—The Malta seismic network
P Galea, MR Agius, G Bozionelos, S D’Amico, D Farrugia
Seismological Society of America 92 (3), 1817-1831, 2021
The 2018 Mw6.8 Zakynthos (Ionian Sea, Greece) Earthquake: Seismic Source and Local Tsunami Characterization
F Romano, A Cirella, A Avallone, A Piatanesi, P Briole, A Ganas, ...
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2019, S51E-0455, 2019
A monitoring system for earthquake-generated tsunamis on the Maltese islands (Central Mediterranean).
M Agius, S D'Amico, P Galea, G Bozionelos, A Drago, A Gauci
Geophysical Research Abstracts 21, 2019
Identifying the activation of an inland fault for the first time in Malta.
G Bozionelos, SD Amico, P Galea, M Agius
Geophysical Research Abstracts 21, 2019
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