Sotiris Valkaniotis
Sotiris Valkaniotis
Geologist, PhD
Μη επαληθευμένη διεύθυνση ηλ. ταχυδρομείου
ΤίτλοςΠαρατίθεται απόΈτος
GIS-based statistical analysis of the spatial distribution of earthquake-induced landslides in the island of Lefkada, Ionian Islands, Greece
G Papathanassiou, S Valkaniotis, A Ganas, S Pavlides
Landslides 10 (6), 771-783, 2013
The Yenice–Gönen active fault (NW Turkey): Active tectonics and palaeoseismology
A Kürçer, A Chatzipetros, SZ Tutkun, S Pavlides, Ö Ateş, S Valkaniotis
Tectonophysics 453 (1-4), 263-275, 2008
The large tsunami of 26 December 2004: Field observations and eyewitnesses accounts from Sri Lanka, Maldives Is. and Thailand
GA Papadopoulos, R Caputo, B McAdoo, S Pavlides, V Karastathis, ...
Earth, planets and space 58 (2), 233-241, 2006
Active fault geometry and kinematics in Parnitha Mountain, Attica, Greece
A Ganas, SB Pavlides, S Sboras, S Valkaniotis, S Papaioannou, ...
Journal of Structural Geology 26 (11), 2103-2118, 2004
Field observations of geological effects triggered by the January–February 2014 Cephalonia (Ionian Sea, Greece) earthquakes
S Valkaniotis, A Ganas, G Papathanassiou, M Papanikolaou
Tectonophysics 630, 150-157, 2014
Coseismic deformation, field observations and seismic fault of the 17 November 2015 M= 6.5, Lefkada Island, Greece earthquake
A Ganas, P Elias, G Bozionelos, G Papathanassiou, A Avallone, ...
Tectonophysics 687, 210-222, 2016
The Greek catalogue of active faults and database of seismogenic sources
S Pavlides, R Caputo, S Sboras, A Chatzipetros, G Papathanasiou, ...
Bulletin of the Geological Society of Greece 43 (1), 486-494, 2010
The Atalanti active fault: re-evaluation using new geological data
ΣB Παυλίδης, Σ Βαλκανιώτης, A Γκανάς, Δ Κεραμυδάς, Σ Σμπόρας
Bulletin of the Geological Society of Greece 36 (4), 1560-1567, 2004
The November 17th, 2015 Lefkada (Greece) strike-slip earthquake: field mapping of generated failures and assessment of macroseismic intensity ESI-07
G Papathanassiou, S Valkaniotis, A Ganas, N Grendas, E Kollia
Engineering geology 220, 13-30, 2017
Recurrent liquefaction-induced failures triggered by 2014 Cephalonia, Greece earthquakes: spatial distribution and quantitative analysis of liquefaction potential
G Papathanassiou, A Ganas, S Valkaniotis
Engineering geology 200, 18-30, 2016
Seismically capable faults in Greece and their use in seismic hazard assessment
S Pavlides, S Valkaniotis, A Chatzipetros
Proc. 4th Int. Conf. Earthquake Geotech. Eng., Thessaloniki, Greece, paper, 2007
Applying the INQUA scale to the Sofades 1954, Central Greece, earthquake
G Papathanassiou, S Valkaniotis, S Pavlides
Bulletin of the Geological Society of Greece 40 (3), 1226-1233, 2007
Correlation between Neotectonic structures and Seismicity in the broader area of Gulf of Corinth (Central Greece)
S Valkaniotis
Unpublished PhD Thesis, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, 2009
A preliminary report on the Nov 17, 2015 M= 6.4 South Lefkada earthquake, Ionian Sea, Greece
A Ganas, P Briole, G Papathanassiou, G Bozionelos, A Avallone, ...
Report published online on EMSC, 2015
Mapping an earthquake-induced landslide based on UAV imagery; case study of the 2015 Okeanos landslide, Lefkada, Greece
S Valkaniotis, G Papathanassiou, A Ganas
Engineering geology 245, 141-152, 2018
Evaluation of the macroseismic intensities triggered by the January/February 2014 Cephalonia,(Greece) earthquakes based on ESI-07 scale and their comparison to 1867 historical …
G Papathanassiou, S Valkaniotis, A Ganas
Quaternary International 451, 234-247, 2017
A rock fall analysis study in Parnassos area, Central Greece
G Papathanassiou, V Marinos, D Vogiatzis, S Valkaniotis
Landslide science and practice, 67-72, 2013
Tectonic regime of Santorini-Amorgos area
SB Pavlides, S Valkaniotis
Proceedings of International Conference “The South Aegean Active Volcanic …, 2003
The use of geological data to improve SHA estimates in Greece.
S Sboras, S Pavlides, R Caputo, A Chatzipetros, A Michailidou, ...
Bollettino di Geofisica Teorica ed Applicata 55 (1), 2014
Mapping the palaeo-Piniada Valley, Central Greece, based on systematic microtremor analyses
A Mantovani, S Valkaniotis, D Rapti, R Caputo
Pure and Applied Geophysics 175 (3), 865-881, 2018
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