Steven K. Clowes
Steven K. Clowes
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Possibilities and limitations of point-contact spectroscopy for measurements of spin polarization
Y Bugoslavsky, Y Miyoshi, SK Clowes, WR Branford, M Lake, I Brown, ...
Physical Review B 71 (10), 104523, 2005
High-mobility thin InSb films grown by molecular beam epitaxy
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Si: P as a laboratory analogue for hydrogen on high magnetic field white dwarf stars
BN Murdin, J Li, MLY Pang, ET Bowyer, KL Litvinenko, SK Clowes, ...
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Spin polarization of the transport current at the free surface of bulk NiMnSb
SK Clowes, Y Miyoshi, Y Bugoslavsky, WR Branford, C Grigorescu, ...
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Oblique Hanle measurements of quantum dot spin-light emitting diodes
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WR Branford, A Husmann, SA Solin, SK Clowes, T Zhang, ...
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Sophisticated test objects for the quality assurance of optical computed tomography scanners
ATA Rahman, E Bräuer-Krisch, T Brochard, J Adamovics, SK Clowes, ...
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LV Goncharova, SK Clowes, RR Fogg, AV Ermakov, BJ Hinch
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Strong dependence of spin dynamics on the orientation of an external magnetic field for InSb and InAs
KL Litvinenko, MA Leontiadou, J Li, SK Clowes, MT Emeny, T Ashley, ...
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Temperature dependent separation of metallic and semiconducting carbon nanotubes using gel agarose chromatography
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Spin relaxation by transient monopolar and bipolar optical orientation
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JJ Harris, T Zhang, WR Branford, SK Clowes, M Debnath, A Bennett, ...
Semiconductor science and technology 19 (12), 1406, 2004
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