Konstantinos Soukis
Konstantinos Soukis
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Miocene core complex development and coeval supradetachment basin evolution of Paros, Greece, insights from (U–Th)/He thermochronometry
EA Bargnesi, DF Stockli, N Mancktelow, K Soukis
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K Soukis, DF Stockli
Tectonophysics 595, 148-164, 2013
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C Malandri, K Soukis, M Maffione, M Özkaptan, E Vassilakis, S Lozios, ...
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Crustal stress and seismic activity in the Ionian archipelago as inferred by satellite-and ground-based observations, Kefallinìa, Greece
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Along‐strike consistency of an extensional detachment system, West Cyclades, Greece
M Coleman, R Dubosq, DA Schneider, B Grasemann, K Soukis
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Zircon U‐Pb chronostratigraphy and provenance of the Cycladic Blueschist Unit and the nature of the contact with the Cycladic Basement on Sikinos and Ios Islands, Greece
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Tectonics 38 (10), 3586-3613, 2019
Tectono‐magmatic and stratigraphic evolution of the Cycladic Basement, Ios Island, Greece
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The Gersdorffite-Bismuthinite-Native Gold Association and the Skarn-Porphyry Mineralization in the Kamariza Mining District, Lavrion, Greece
KSAP Panagiotis Voudouris, Constantinos Mavrogonatos, Branko Rieck, Uwe ...
Minerals doi:10.3390/min8110531 8 (11), 531, 2018
The presence of Vari-Kirou Pira Unit at Panion Hill (SE Attica, Greece)
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Bull Geol Soc Greece 36, 1608-1617, 2004
Provenance of metasediments and Miocene exhumation history of the Lavrion Peninsula, South Attica, Greece: a combined structural,(U-Th)/He, and detrital zircon U-Pb study.
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The geology and mineralogy of the Stypsi porphyry Cu-Mo-Au-Re prospect, Lesvos Island, Aegean Sea, Greece
P Voudouris, C Mavrogonatos, V Melfos, PG Spry, A Magganas, D Alfieris, ...
Ore Geology Reviews 112, 103023, 2019
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