Lorenzo Petracchini
Lorenzo Petracchini
Ricercatore, Istituto di Geologia Ambientale e Geoingegneria (IGAG-CNR)
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First reported occurrence of deformation bands in a platform limestone, the Jurassic Calcare Massiccio Fm., northern Apennines, Italy
M Antonellini, L Petracchini, A Billi, D Scrocca
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L Petracchini, M Antonellini, A Billi, D Scrocca
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Pressure solution inhibition in a limestone–chert composite multilayer: implications for the seismic cycle and fluid flow
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Progetto VIGOR—Valutazione del Potenziale Geotermico delle Regioni della …, 2007
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Active Fold‐Thrust Belt to Foreland Transition in Northern Adria, Italy, Tracked by Seismic Reflection Profiles and GPS Offshore Data
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Seafloor Spreading and Tectonics at the Charlie Gibbs Transform System (52-53ºN, Mid Atlantic Ridge): Preliminary Results from R/V AN Strakhov Expedition S50
S Skolotnev, A Sanfilippo, A Peyve, Y Nestola, S Sokolov, L Petracchini, ...
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VIGOR: Sviluppo geotermico nelle Regioni della Convergenza. Progetto VIGOR–Valutazione del Potenziale Geotermico delle Regioni della Convergenza, POI Energie Rinnovabili e …
C Albanese, A Allansdottir, L Amato, F Ardizzone, S Bellani, G Bertini, ...
CNR–IGG, 2014
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