John Jones
John Jones
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Acoustically actuated ultra-compact NEMS magnetoelectric antennas
T Nan, H Lin, Y Gao, A Matyushov, G Yu, H Chen, N Sun, S Wei, Z Wang, ...
Nature communications 8 (1), 1-8, 2017
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T Nan, S Emori, CT Boone, X Wang, TM Oxholm, JG Jones, BM Howe, ...
Physical Review B 91 (21), 214416, 2015
Computer controlled temperature and oxygen maintenance for fiber coating CVD
JG Jones, PD Jero
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Plasma characterization during laser ablation of graphite in nitrogen for the growth of fullerene-like films
AA Voevodin, JG Jones, JS Zabinski, L Hultman
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Comparison study of liquid replenishing impacts on critical heat flux and heat transfer coefficient of nucleate pool boiling on multiscale modulated porous structures
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BM Howe, S Emori, HM Jeon, TM Oxholm, JG Jones, K Mahalingam, ...
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Smart tribological coatings with wear sensing capability
C Muratore, DR Clarke, JG Jones, AA Voevodin
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Filtered cathodic-arc plasma source
II Aksenov, VE Strelnytskiy, VV Vasylyev, AA Voevodin, JG Jones, ...
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Optical Materials 36 (7), 1177-1182, 2014
Interfacial heat transfer during microdroplet evaporation on a laser heated surface
SA Putnam, AM Briones, JS Ervin, MS Hanchak, LW Byrd, JG Jones
International journal of heat and mass transfer 55 (23-24), 6307-6320, 2012
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