Dimitrios Kontziampasis
Dimitrios Kontziampasis
Senior Lecturer in Engineering at University of Cumbria
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Fibers for hearts: A critical review on electrospinning for cardiac tissue engineering
M Kitsara, O Agbulut, D Kontziampasis, Y Chen, P Menasché
Acta Biomaterialia 48, 20-40, 2017
Controlling roughness: from etching to nanotexturing and plasma-directed organization on organic and inorganic materials
E Gogolides, V Constantoudis, G Kokkoris, D Kontziampasis, K Tsougeni, ...
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D Kontziampasis, G Boulousis, A Smyrnakis, K Ellinas, A Tserepi, ...
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N Vourdas, D Kontziampasis, G Kokkoris, V Constantoudis, A Goodyear, ...
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D Kontziampasis, V Constantoudis, E Gogolides
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Roughness threshold for cell attachment and proliferation on plasma micro-nanotextured polymeric surfaces: the case of primary human skin fibroblasts and mouse immortalized 3T3 …
A Bourkoula, V Constantoudis, D Kontziampasis, PS Petrou, ...
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 49 (30), 304002, 2016
Effects of Ar and O2 Plasma Etching on Parylene C: Topography versus Surface Chemistry and the Impact on Cell Viability
D Kontziampasis, T Trantidou, A Regoutz, EJ Humphrey, D Carta, ...
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T Trantidou, CM Terracciano, D Kontziampasis, EJ Humphrey, ...
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M Kitsara, P Petrou, D Kontziampasis, K Misiakos, E Makarona, I Raptis, ...
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Method for the fabrication of periodic structures on polymers using plasma processes
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M Kitsara, D Kontziampasis, O Agbulut, Y Chen
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Cell array fabrication by plasma nanotexturing
D Kontziampasis, A Bourkoula, P Petrou, A Tserepi, S Kakabakos, ...
Bio-MEMS and Medical Microdevices 8765, 87650B, 2013
Optimized surface silylation of chemically amplified epoxidized photoresists for micromachining applications
D Kontziampasis, K Beltsios, E Tegou, P Argitis, E Gogolides
Journal of applied polymer science 117 (4), 2189-2195, 2010
A Cryo-EM Grid Preparation Device for Time-Resolved Structural Studies
D Kontziampasis, DP Klebl, MG Iadanza, CA Scarff, F Kopf, F Sobott, ...
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Polymer Surface Modification: Plasma for Applications
D Kontziampasis, M Kitsara
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E Gogolides, A Tserepi, N Vourdas, ME Vlachopoulou, K Tsougeni, ...
Proceedings of the AIChE Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA, USA, 16-21, 2008
Coating particles using liquids and foams based on viscous formulations with industrial mixers: Batch operation
D Kontziampasis, MS Manga, DW York
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Plasma Micro-Nanotexturing and Plasma-Directed Organization
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Polymers: Plasma Micro-Nanotexturing and Plasma-Directed Organization
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Plasma Directed Assembly and Organization: Formation of polymeric nanodots and silicon nanopillars
A Smyrnakis, D Kontziampasis, A Zeniou, A Tserepi, E Gogolides
Bulletin of the American Physical Society 55, 2010
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