T.M. Smeeton
T.M. Smeeton
Platform Director, Envisics
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Παρατίθεται από
Electron-beam-induced strain within InGaN quantum wells: False indium “cluster” detection in the transmission electron microscope
TM Smeeton, MJ Kappers, JS Barnard, ME Vickers, CJ Humphreys
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DM Graham, A Soltani-Vala, P Dawson, MJ Godfrey, TM Smeeton, ...
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F Tancret, H Bhadeshia, DJC MacKay
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TM Smeeton, CJ Humphreys, JS Barnard, MJ Kappers
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BB Jian
Electronics Letters 32 (20), 1923-1925, 1996
Ultraviolet treatment device
TM Smeeton, EA Boardman, SE Hooper
US Patent App. 13/651,803, 2014
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