Irida Maina
Irida Maina
Η διεύθυνση ηλεκτρονικού ταχυδρομείου έχει επαληθευτεί στον τομέα
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A methodological approach to identify fishing grounds: A case study on Greek trawlers
I Maina, S Kavadas, S Katsanevakis, S Somarakis, G Tserpes, ...
Fisheries Research 183, 326-339, 2016
Ecological mapping and data quality assessment for the needs of ecosystem-based marine spatial management: case study Greek Ionian Sea and the adjacent gulfs
Y Issaris, S Katsanevakis, M Pantazi, V Vassilopoulou, P Panayotidis, ...
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New mediterranean biodiversity records (November, 2016)
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Multi-criteria decision analysis as a tool to extract fishing footprints: application to small scale fisheries and implications for management in the context of the maritime …
S Kavadas, I Maina, D Damalas, I Dokos, M Pantazi, V Vassilopoulou
Mar. Sci 16 (2), 294-304, 2015
Methodology of analysis of vessel monitoring system data: Estimation of fishing effort for the fleet of open sea fishery.
S Kavadas, I Maina
Where not to fish–reviewing and mapping fisheries restricted areas in the Aegean Sea
D Petza, I Maina, N Koukourouvli, D Dimarchopoulou, D Akrivos, ...
Mediterranean Marine Science 18 (2), 310-323, 2017
The use of demersal trawling discards as a food source for two scavenging seabird species: a case study of an eastern Mediterranean oligotrophic marine ecosystem
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Modelling the spatiotemporal distribution of fisheries discards: A case study on eastern Ionian Sea trawl fishery
I Maina, S Kavadas, A Machias, K Tsagarakis, M Giannoulaki
Journal of Sea Research 139, 10-23, 2018
Application of the MESMA Framework. Case Study: Inner Ionian Archipelago & adjacent gulfs
V Vassilopoulou, S Katsanevakis, P Panayotidis, C Anagnostou, ...
MESMA report, 240 pp, 2012
Identification of fishing grounds for the target species of bottom trawl in the Hellenic waters.
I Maina, S Kavadas, D Mantopoulou, S Somarakis
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Identification and mapping spatiotemporal migration patterns of bottom trawlers
I Maina, S Kavadas, M Laiaki, D Mantopoulou, S Georgakarakos
11th Panhellenic Symposium on Oceanography & Fisheries «Aquatic Horizons …, 2015
Size-dependent survival of European hake juveniles in the Mediterranean Sea
M Hidalgo, A Ligas, JM Bellido, I Bitetto, P Carbonara, R Carlucci, ...
Scientia Marina 83 (S1), 207-221, 2020
Cumulative impacts from multiple human activities on seagrass meadows in eastern Mediterranean waters: the case of Saronikos Gulf (Aegean Sea, Greece)
MM Brodersen, M Pantazi, A Kokkali, P Panayotidis, V Gerakaris, I Maina, ...
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 25 (27), 26809-26822, 2018
Decapod crustacean fauna of the Argolikos Gulf (Eastern Mediterranean, Central Aegean Sea)
K Kapiris, K Dogrammatzi, G Christidis, I Maina, D Klaoudatos
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Development of a methodological approach to identify common fishing grounds exploited by coastal and trawl fisheries for a more effective spatial management of the two sectors …
S Kavadas, I Maina, M Pantazi, V Vassilopoulou
MESMA Final Conference, Lisbon, 2013
Greek Ionian Sea and adjacent Gulfs: Ecological mapping for the needs of ecosystem-based marine spatial management.
Y Issaris, S Katsanevakis, V Vassilopoulou, P Panayotidis, S Kavadas, ...
Stability of the relationships among demersal fish assemblages and environmental-trawling drivers at large spatio-temporal scales in the northern Mediterranean Sea
B Mérigot, JC Gaertner, A Brind’Amour, P Carbonara, A Esteban, ...
Scientia Marina 83 (S1), 153-163, 2020
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