Luca Aldega
Luca Aldega
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Tectonic burial and “young”(< 10 Ma) exhumation in the southern Apennines fold-and-thrust belt (Italy)
S Mazzoli, M D'errico, L Aldega, S Corrado, C Invernizzi, P Shiner, ...
Geology 36 (3), 243-246, 2008
Thermal maturity of the axial zone of the southern Apennines fold‐and‐thrust belt (Italy) from multiple organic and inorganic indicators
S Corrado, L Aldega, P Di Leo, C Giampaolo, C Invernizzi, S Mazzoli, ...
Terra Nova 17 (1), 56-65, 2005
Pliocene-quaternary thrusting, syn-orogenic extension and tectonic exhumation in the Southern Apennines (Italy): Insights from the Monte Alpi area
S Mazzoli, L Aldega, S Corrado, C Invernizzi, M Zattin, RWH Butler
Shallow burial and exhumation of the Peloritani Mountains (NE Sicily, Italy): Insight from paleothermal and structural indicators
L Aldega, S Corrado, L Di Paolo, R Somma, R Maniscalco, ML Balestrieri
Bulletin 123 (1-2), 132-149, 2011
Clay mineral assemblages and vitrinite reflectance in the Laga Basin (Central Apennines, Italy): what do they record?
L Aldega, F Botti, S Corrado
Clays and Clay Minerals 55 (5), 504-518, 2007
Stratigraphy, structural setting and burial history of the Messinian Laga basin in the context of Apennine foreland basin system
S Bigi, S Milli, S Corrado, P Casero, L Aldega, F Botti, M Moscatelli, ...
Journal of Mediterranean Earth Sciences 1, 61-84, 2009
On the origin of cleavage in the Central Pyrenees: structural and paleo-thermal study
E Izquierdo-Llavall, L Aldega, V Cantarelli, S Corrado, I Gil-Peña, ...
Tectonophysics 608, 303-318, 2013
Structural evolution of the sedimentary accretionary wedge of the alpine system in Eastern Sicily: Thermal and thermochronological constraints
S Corrado, L Aldega, ML Balestrieri, R Maniscalco, M Grasso
Geological Society of America Bulletin 121 (11-12), 1475-1490, 2009
Correlation of diagenetic data from organic and inorganic studies in the Apenninic-Maghrebian fold-and-thrust belt: a case study from Eastern Sicily
L Aldega, S Corrado, M Grasso, R Maniscalco
The Journal of geology 115 (3), 335-353, 2007
Assessment of thermal evolution of Paleozoic successions of the Holy Cross Mountains (Poland)
A Schito, S Corrado, M Trolese, L Aldega, C Caricchi, S Cirilli, D Grigo, ...
Marine and Petroleum Geology 80, 112-132, 2017
Reconstruction of maximum burial along the Northern Apennines thrust wedge (Italy) by indicators of thermal exposure and modeling
C Caricchi, L Aldega, S Corrado
Bulletin 127 (3-4), 428-442, 2015
Fluid flow within the damage zone of the Boccheggiano extensional fault (Larderello–Travale geothermal field, central Italy): structures, alteration and implications for …
F Rossetti, L Aldega, F Tecce, F Balsamo, A Billi, M Brilli
Geological Magazine 148 (4), 558-579, 2011
Thermal evolution of the Kuh-e-Asmari and Sim anticlines in the Zagros fold-and-thrust belt: implications for hydrocarbon generation
L Aldega, S Corrado, E Carminati, A Shaban, S Sherkati
Marine and petroleum geology 57, 1-13, 2014
Sedimentary and tectonic burial evolution of the Northern Apennines in the Modena-Bologna area: constraints from combined stratigraphic, structural, organic matter and clay …
F Botti, L Aldega, S Corrado
Geodinamica Acta 17 (3), 185-203, 2004
Exhumation and reshaping of far-travelled/allochthonous tectonic units in mountain belts. New insights for the relationships between shortening and coeval extension in the …
M Carlini, A Artoni, L Aldega, ML Balestrieri, S Corrado, P Vescovi, ...
Tectonophysics 608, 267-287, 2013
Maximum burial and unroofing of Mt. Judica recess area in Sicily: implication for the Apenninic–Maghrebian wedge dynamics
L Di Paolo, L Aldega, S Corrado, M Mastalerz
Tectonophysics 530, 193-207, 2012
Testing the validity of organic and inorganic thermal indicators in different tectonic settings from continental subduction to collision: the case history of the Calabria …
S Corrado, C Invernizzi, L Aldega, M D'errico, P Di Leo, S Mazzoli, ...
Journal of the Geological Society 167 (5), 985-999, 2010
Estimating original thickness and extent of the Semail Ophiolite in the eastern Oman Mountains by paleothermal indicators
L Aldega, E Carminati, A Scharf, F Mattern, M Al-Wardi
Marine and Petroleum Geology 84, 18-33, 2017
Reactions of lysine with montmorillonite at 80° C: Implications for optical activity, H+ transfer and lysine–montmorillonite binding
J Cuadros, L Aldega, J Vetterlein, K Drickamer, W Dubbin
Journal of colloid and interface science 333 (1), 78-84, 2009
Overcoming pitfalls of vitrinite reflectance measurements in the assessment of thermal maturity: the case history of the lower Congo basin
A Schito, S Corrado, L Aldega, D Grigo
Marine and Petroleum Geology 74, 59-70, 2016
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