Panagiotis Mitzias
Panagiotis Mitzias
Research Associate at Catalink Ltd and iBO/CERTH
Η διεύθυνση ηλεκτρονικού ταχυδρομείου έχει επαληθευτεί στον τομέα - Αρχική σελίδα
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Παρατίθεται από
Ontology-based Representation of Crisis Management Procedures for Climate Events.
E Kontopoulos, P Mitzias, J Moßgraber, P Hertweck, H van der Schaaf, ...
ISCRAM, 2018
Designing for inconsistency–the dependency-based PERICLES approach
JY Vion-Dury, N Lagos, E Kontopoulos, M Riga, P Mitzias, G Meditskos, ...
East European Conference on Advances in Databases and Information Systems …, 2015
An Ontology Design Pattern for Digital Video.
P Mitzias, M Riga, S Waddington, E Kontopoulos, G Meditskos, ...
WOP, 2015
User-driven ontology population from linked data sources
P Mitzias, M Riga, E Kontopoulos, TG Stavropoulos, S Andreadis, ...
International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and the Semantic Web, 31-41, 2016
A Framework for Measuring Semantic Drift in Ontologies.
TG Stavropoulos, S Andreadis, M Riga, E Kontopoulos, P Mitzias, ...
SEMANTiCS (Posters, Demos, SuCCESS), 2016
The sensor to decision chain in crisis management.
J Moßgraber, D Hilbring, H van der Schaaf, P Hertweck, E Kontopoulos, ...
ISCRAM, 2018
Ontology-based representation of context of use in digital preservation.
E Kontopoulos, M Riga, P Mitzias, S Andreadis, TG Stavropoulos, ...
WHiSe@ ESWC, 65-72, 2016
PERICLES–Digital Preservation through Management of Change in Evolving Ecosystems.
S Waddington, M Hedges, M Riga, P Mitzias, E Kontopoulos, ...
European Project Space (EPS) event organized in Colmar, July 2015 …, 2016
Deploying semantic Web technologies for information fusion of terrorism-related content and threat detection on the Web
P Mitzias, E Kontopoulos, J Staite, T Day, G Kalpakis, T Tsikrika, H Gibson, ...
IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence-Companion Volume …, 2019
Dependency modelling for inconsistency management in Digital Preservation–The PERICLES approach
N Lagos, M Riga, P Mitzias, JY Vion-Dury, E Kontopoulos, S Waddington, ...
Information Systems Frontiers 20 (1), 7-19, 2018
SemaDrift: A Protégé Plugin for Measuring Semantic Drift in Ontologies.
TG Stavropoulos, S Andreadis, E Kontopoulos, M Riga, P Mitzias, ...
Drift-a-LOD@ EKAW, 34-41, 2016
A Domain-Agnostic Tool for Scalable Ontology Population and Enrichment from Diverse Linked Data Sources.
E Kontopoulos, P Mitzias, M Riga, I Kompatsiaris
DAMDID/RCDL, 184-190, 2017
The SemaDrift Protégé Plugin to Measure Semantic Drift in Ontologies: Lessons Learned
TG Stavropoulos, S Andreadis, E Kontopoulos, M Riga, P Mitzias, ...
European Knowledge Acquisition Workshop, 29-39, 2016
PROPheT–Ontology Population and Semantic Enrichment from Linked Data Sources
M Riga, P Mitzias, E Kontopoulos, I Kompatsiaris
International Conference on Data Analytics and Management in Data Intensive …, 2017
Pericles deliverable 4.4: modelling contextualised semantics
E Kontopoulos, M Riga, P Mitzias, S Andreadis, T Stavropoulos, ...
PERICLES project, 2016
The Backbone of Decision Support Systems: The Sensor to Decision Chain
P Hertweck, J Moßgraber, E Kontopoulos, P Mitzias, T Hellmund, ...
Research Anthology on Decision Support Systems and Decision Management in …, 2021
Deliverable 4.5: Context-aware Content Interpretation
E Kontopoulos, S Darányi, P Wittek, K Konstantinidis, M Riga, P Mitzias, ...
PERICLES project, 2016
PERICLES Deliverable 4.3: Content Semantics and Use Context Analysis Techniques
A Maronidis, E Chatzilari, E Kontopoulos, S Nikopoulos, M Riga, P Mitzias, ...
PERICLES project, 2016
Konstantinidis, K.,... Corubolo, F.(Ed.)(2016, Jun 1). PERICLES Deliverable 4.4: Modelling Contextualised Semantics. PERICLES Consortium.
E Kontopoulos, M Riga, P Mitzias, S Andreadis, T Stavropoulos
Applying Semantic Web Technologies for Decision Support in Climate-Related Crisis Management
E Kontopoulos, P Mitzias, S Dasiopoulou, J Moßgraber, S Mille, ...
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