Evangelos Tzamos
Evangelos Tzamos
Postdoctoral Researcher
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Hellenic Natural Zeolite as a replacement of sand in mortar: Mineralogy monitoring and evaluation of its influence on mechanical properties
D Vogiatzis, N Kantiranis, A Filippidis, E Tzamos, C Sikalidis
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PN Gamaletsos, A Godelitsas, T Kasama, NS Church, AP Douvalis, ...
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P Gamaletsos, A Godelitsas, E Dotsika, E Tzamos, J Göttlicher, ...
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Ammonium exchange capacity of the Xerovouni zeolitic tuffs, Avdella area, Evros Prefecture, Greece
E Tzamos, N Kantiranis, G Papastergios, D Vogiatzis, A Filippidis, ...
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Metallogeny of the Chrome Ores of the Xerolivado-Skoumtsa Mine, Vourinos Ophiolite, Greece: Implications on the genesis of IPGE-bearing high-Cr chromitites within a …
E Tzamos, A Kapsiotis, A Filippidis, A Koroneos, G Grieco, AE Rassios, ...
Ore Geology Reviews 90, 226-242, 2017
Genesis and multi-episodic alteration of zircon-bearing chromitites from the Ayios Stefanos Mine, Othris massif, Greece: assessment of an unconventional hypothesis on the …
A Kapsiotis, A Ewing Rassios, A Antonelou, E Tzamos
Minerals 6 (4), 124, 2016
Application of Hellenic Natural Zeolite in Thessaloniki industrial area wastewater treatment
A Filippidis, E Tziritis, N Kantiranis, E Tzamos, P Gamaletsos, ...
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Major and minor element geochemistry of chromite from the Xerolivado–Skoumtsa mine, Southern Vourinos: Implications for chrome ore exploration
E Tzamos, A Filippidis, A Rassios, G Grieco, K Michailidis, A Koroneos, ...
Journal of Geochemical Exploration 165, 81-93, 2016
Uptake ability of zeolitic rock from south Xerovouni, Avdella, Evros, Hellas
E Tzamos, A Filippidis, N Kantiranis, C Sikalidis, A Tsirambidis, ...
Bulletin of the Geological Society of Greece 43 (5), 2762-2772, 2010
Processes of primary and re-equilibration mineralization affecting chromitite ore geochemistry within the Vourinos ultramafic sequence, Vourinos ophiolite (West Macedonia, Greece)
G Grieco, M Bussolesi, E Tzamos, AE Rassios, A Kapsiotis
Ore Geology Reviews 95, 537-551, 2018
Neutralization of sludge and purification of wastewater from Sindos industrial area of Thessaloniki (Greece) using natural zeolite
A Filippidis, A Godelitsas, N Kantiranis, P Gamaletsos, E Tzamos, ...
Bulletin of the Geological Society of Greece 47 (2), 920-926, 2013
Purification of wastewater from Sindos industrial area of Thessaloniki (N. Greece) using Hellenic Natural Zeolite
A Filippidis, A Tsirambides, N Kantiranis, E Tzamos, D Vogiatzis, ...
Advances in the Research of Aquatic Environment, 435-442, 2011
Mineral chemistry and formation of awaruite and heazlewoodite in the Xerolivado chrome mine, Vourinos, Greece
E Tzamos, A Filippidis, K Michailidis, A Koroneos, A Rassios, G Grieco, ...
Bulletin of the Geological Society of Greece 50 (4), 2047-2056, 2016
Natural radioactivity and trace element composition of natural clays used as cosmetic products in the Greek market
A Papadopoulos, K Giouri, E Tzamos, A Filippidis, S Stoulos
Clay Minerals 49 (1), 53-62, 2014
Olivine–Spinel Diffusivity Patterns in Chromitites and Dunites from the Finero Phlogopite-Peridotite (Ivrea-Verbano Zone, Southern Alps): Implications for the Thermal History …
M Bussolesi, G Grieco, E Tzamos
Minerals 9 (2), 75, 2019
Quality assessment and hydrogeochemical status of potable water resources in a suburban area of northern Greece (Thermi Municipality, central Macedonia)
E Tziritis, E Tzamos, P Vogiatzis, C Matzari, N Kantiranis, A Filippidis, ...
Desalination and water treatment 57 (25), 11462-11471, 2016
The use of Hellenic Natural Zeolite (HENAZE) in the purification of Thessaloniki industrial area wastewaters
A Filippidis, N Kantiranis, E Tziritis, S Filippidis, D Vogiatzis, E Tzamos
10th International Hydrogeological Congress of Greece, 187-193, 2014
Purification of wastewater from Thessaloniki industrial area using Hellenic natural zeolite
A Filippidis, A Tsirambides, E Tzamos, D Vogiatzis, G Papastergios, ...
21st Panhellenic Chemistry Congress, Thessaloniki, Greece, 9-12/12/2011 …, 2011
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