Melfos Vasilios
Melfos Vasilios
Η διεύθυνση ηλεκτρονικού ταχυδρομείου έχει επαληθευτεί στον τομέα - Αρχική σελίδα
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Origin and evolution of the Tertiary Maronia porphyry copper-molybdenum deposit, Thrace, Greece
V Melfos, M Vavelidis, G Christofides, E Seidel
Mineralium Deposita 37 (6), 648-668, 2002
Rhenium-rich molybdenite and rheniite in the Pagoni Rachi Mo–Cu–Te–Ag–Au prospect, northern Greece: implications for the Re geochemistry of porphyry-style Cu–Mo and Mo …
PC Voudouris, V Melfos, PG Spry, L Bindi, T Kartal, K Arikas, R Moritz, ...
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Mineralogy and Petrology 94 (1), 85-106, 2008
The geochemistry of carbonate-replacement Pb-Zn-Ag mineralization in the Lavrion district, Attica, Greece: Fluid inclusion, stable isotope, and rare earth element studies
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Extremely Re-rich molybdenite from porphyry Cu-Mo-Au prospects in northeastern Greece: Mode of occurrence, causes of enrichment, and implications for gold exploration
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Geological, mineralogical and geochemical aspects for critical and rare metals in Greece
V Melfos, PC Voudouris
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Bismuthinite derivatives, lillianite homologues, and bismuth sulfotellurides as indicators of gold mineralization in the Stanos shear-zone related deposit, Chalkidiki, Northern …
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The Pagoni Rachi/Kirki Cu-Mo±Re±Au deposit, northern Greece: Mineralogical and fluid inclusion constraints on the evolution of a telescoped porphyry-epithermal system
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Rhenium-rich molybdenite and rheniite (ReS2) in the Pagoni Rachi-Kirki Mo-Cu-Te-Ag-Au deposit, Northern Greece: Implications for the rhenium geochemistry of porphyry style Cu …
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Green Thessalian stone: the byzantine quarries and the use of a unique architectural material from the Larisa area, Greece. Petrographic and geochemical characterization
V Melfos
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The first cave occurrence of orpiment (As₂S₃) from the sulfuric acid caves of Aghia Paraskevi (Kassandra Peninsula, N. Greece)
G Lazaridis, V Melfos, L Papadopoulou
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Tellurides and bismuth sulfosalts in gold occurrences of Greece: mineralogical and genetic considerations
P Voudouris, PG Spry, V Melfos, D Alfieris
Geological Survey of Finland, 2007
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