George Loudos
George Loudos
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A review of the use and potential of the GATE Monte Carlo simulation code for radiation therapy and dosimetry applications
D Sarrut, M Bardiès, N Boussion, N Freud, S Jan, JM Létang, G Loudos, ...
Medical physics 41 (6Part1), 064301, 2014
[99m Tc] Demobesin 1, a novel potent bombesin analogue for GRP receptor-targeted tumour imaging
B Nock, A Nikolopoulou, E Chiotellis, G Loudos, D Maintas, J Reubi, ...
European journal of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging 30 (2), 247-258, 2003
[99m Tc] Demotate, a new 99m Tc-based [Tyr 3] octreotate analogue for the detection of somatostatin receptor-positive tumours: synthesis and preclinical results
T Maina, B Nock, A Nikolopoulou, P Sotiriou, G Loudos, D Maintas, ...
European journal of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging 29 (6), 742-753, 2002
In vivo small animal imaging: Current status and future prospects
GC Kagadis, G Loudos, K Katsanos, SG Langer, GC Nikiforidis
Medical physics 37 (12), 6421-6442, 2010
Validation of the GATE Monte Carlo simulation platform for modelling a CsI (Tl) scintillation camera dedicated to small-animal imaging
D Lazaro, I Buvat, G Loudos, D Strul, G Santin, N Giokaris, D Donnarieix, ...
Physics in Medicine & Biology 49 (2), 271, 2004
Targeted delivery of silver nanoparticles and alisertib: in vitro and in vivo synergistic effect against glioblastoma
E Locatelli, M Naddaka, C Uboldi, G Loudos, E Fragogeorgi, V Molinari, ...
Nanomedicine 9 (6), 839-849, 2014
Evaluation of Re and 99mTc Complexes of 2-(4′-Aminophenyl)benzothiazole as Potential Breast Cancer Radiopharmaceuticals
S Tzanopoulou, M Sagnou, M Paravatou-Petsotas, E Gourni, G Loudos, ...
Journal of medicinal chemistry 53 (12), 4633-4641, 2010
Molecular nanomedicine towards cancer: 111In-labeled nanoparticles
D Psimadas, P Georgoulias, V Valotassiou, G Loudos
Journal of pharmaceutical sciences 101 (7), 2271-2280, 2012
Comparative evaluation of linear and cyclic 99mTc-RGD peptides for targeting of integrins in tumor angiogenesis
M Fani, D Psimadas, C Zikos, S Xanthopoulos, GK Loudos, P Bouziotis, ...
Anticancer research 26 (1A), 431-434, 2006
Validation of a GATE model for the simulation of the Siemens biograph™ 6 PET scanner
P Gonias, N Bertsekas, N Karakatsanis, G Saatsakis, A Gaitanis, ...
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators …, 2007
A dose point kernel database using GATE Monte Carlo simulation toolkit for nuclear medicine applications: comparison with other Monte Carlo codes
P Papadimitroulas, G Loudos, GC Nikiforidis, GC Kagadis
Medical physics 39 (8), 5238-5247, 2012
A 3D high-resolution gamma camera for radiopharmaceutical studies with small animals
GK Loudos, KS Nikita, ND Giokaris, E Styliaris, SC Archimandritis, ...
Applied Radiation and Isotopes 58 (4), 501-508, 2003
[[sup 99m] Tc] Demobesin 1, a novel potent bombesin analogue for GRP receptor-targeted tumour imaging.
B Nock, A Nikolopoulou, E Chiotellis, G Loudos, D Maintas, C Reubi, ...
European Journal of Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging 30 (2), 2003
Comparative evaluation of two commercial PET scanners, ECAT EXACT HR+ and Biograph 2, using GATE
N Karakatsanis, N Sakellios, NX Tsantilas, N Dikaios, C Tsoumpas, ...
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators …, 2006
99mTc-labeled aminosilane-coated iron oxide nanoparticles for molecular imaging of ανβ3-mediated tumor expression and feasibility for hyperthermia treatment
I Tsiapa, EK Efthimiadou, E Fragogeorgi, G Loudos, AD Varvarigou, ...
Journal of colloid and interface science 433, 163-175, 2014
Spacer Site Modifications for the Improvement of the in Vitro and in Vivo Binding Properties of 99mTc-N3S-X-Bombesin[2−14] Derivatives
EA Fragogeorgi, C Zikos, E Gourni, P Bouziotis, M Paravatou-Petsotas, ...
Bioconjugate chemistry 20 (5), 856-867, 2009
Theranostics of epitaxially condensed colloidal nanocrystal clusters, through a soft biomineralization route
G Zoppellaro, A Kolokithas-Ntoukas, K Polakova, J Tucek, R Zboril, ...
Chemistry of Materials 26 (6), 2062-2074, 2014
Radiolabeling approaches of nanoparticles with 99mTc
D Psimadas, P Bouziotis, P Georgoulias, V Valotassiou, T Tsotakos, ...
Contrast media & molecular imaging 8 (4), 333-339, 2013
Current status and future perspectives of in vivo small animal imaging using radiolabeled nanoparticles
G Loudos, GC Kagadis, D Psimadas
European journal of radiology 78 (2), 287-295, 2011
Preliminary evaluation of a 99mTc labeled hybrid nanoparticle bearing a cobalt ferrite core: in vivo biodistribution
D Psimadas, G Baldi, C Ravagli, P Bouziotis, S Xanthopoulos, ...
Journal of biomedical nanotechnology 8 (4), 575-585, 2012
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