Frederique Oggier
Frederique Oggier
Nanyang Technological University
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The MIMO wiretap channel
F Oggier, B Hassibi
Communications, Control and Signal Processing, 2008. ISCCSP 2008. 3rd …, 2008
Perfect Space-Time Block Codes
F Oggier, G Rekaya, JC Belfiore, E Viterbo
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Self-repairing homomorphic codes for distributed storage systems
F Oggier, A Datta
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Lattice codes for the wiretap Gaussian channel: Construction and analysis
F Oggier, P Solé, JC Belfiore
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Locally repairable codes with multiple repair alternatives
L Pamies-Juarez, HDL Hollmann, F Oggier
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Cyclic division algebras: A tool for space-time coding
F Oggier, JC Belfiore, E Viterbo
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Lightweight MDS involution matrices
SM Sim, K Khoo, F Oggier, T Peyrin
International Workshop on Fast Software Encryption, 471-493, 2015
Secrecy gain: a wiretap lattice code design.
F Oggier, JC Belfiore
Table of best known full diversity algebraic rotations
E Viterbo, F Oggier
Avalaible at: http://www1. tlc. polito. it/viterbo/rotations/rotations. html, 2005
An algebraic family of distributed space-time codes for wireless relay networks
F Oggier, B Hassibi
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Acyclic Digraphs and Eigenvalues of (o, 1)-Matrices
BD McKay, FE Oggier, GF Royle, NJA Sloane, IM Wanless, HS Wilf
Journal of integer sequences 7, 1-5, 2004
Algebraic lattice constellations: Bounds on performance
E Bayer-Fluckiger, F Oggier, E Viterbo
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An authentication code against pollution attacks in network coding
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F Oggier, A Datta
2011 IEEE Information Theory Workshop, 30-34, 2011
A coding strategy for wireless networks with no channel information
F Oggier, B Hassibi
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Algebraic methods for channel coding
F Oggier
EPFL, 2005
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