Eva Pitta
Eva Pitta
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Significant pairwise co-occurrence patterns are not the rule in the majority of biotic communities
E Pitta, S Giokas, S Sfenthourakis
Diversity 4 (2), 179-193, 2012
Discovering the still unexplored arachnofauna of the National Park of Dadia-Lefkimi-Soufli, NE Greece: a taxonomic review with description of new species.
M Komnenov, E Pitta, K Zografou, M Chatzaki
Zootaxa 4096 (1), 1-66, 2016
Note: Corn stalk borer (Sesamia nonagrioides) infestation on sorghum in central Greece
I Dimou, E Pitta, K Angelopoulos
Phytoparasitica 35 (2), 191, 2007
Diversity of spiders and orthopterans respond to intra-seasonal and spatial environmental changes
K Zografou, GC Adamidis, M Komnenov, V Kati, P Sotirakopoulos, E Pitta, ...
Journal of Insect Conservation 21 (3), 531-543, 2017
SPIDOnet. gr–Spiders of Greece, version 1.0
M Chatzaki, E Pitta, D Poursanidis, M Komnenov, D Gloor, M Nikolakakis, ...
Internet: http://www. araneae. unibe. ch/spidonet (November 24, 2017), 2015
Between-island compositional dissimilarity of avian communities
E Pitta, C Kassara, E Tzanatos, S Giokas, S Sfenthourakis
Ecological research 29 (5), 835-841, 2014
Community variation of spiders, beetles and isopods in three small island groups of the Aegean Sea: the interplay between history and ecology
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Compositional dissimilarity patterns of reptiles and amphibians in insular systems around the world
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Effects of climate on spider beta diversity across different Mediterranean habitat types
E Pitta, K Zografou, D Poursanidis, M Chatzaki
Biodiversity and Conservation 28 (14), 3971-3988, 2019
Breeding-migration patterns and reproductive dynamics of two syntopic newt species (Amphibia, Salamandridae) at a temporary pond in southern Greece
O Mettouris, E Pitta, S Giokas
Hydrobiologia 819 (1), 1-15, 2018
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