Piero Corubolo
Piero Corubolo
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Seismic while-drilling technology: use and analysis of the drill-bit seismic source in a cross-hole survey
L Aleotti, F Poletto, F Miranda, P Corubolo, F Abramo
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Drill‐bit seismic interferometry with and without pilot signals
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V Volpi, A Camerlenghi, T Moerz, P Corubolo, M Rebesco, U Tinivella
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Climate variability of the Holocene, Site 1098, Palmer Deep, Antarctica: in
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B Della Vedova, L Petronio, F Poletto, F Palmieri, A Marcon, P Corubolo, ...
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Multi-offset VSP for the integrated geophysical characterization of the Grado (NE Italy) carbonatic reservoir
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Broadside wavefields in horizontal helically-wound optical fiber and hydrophone streamer
F Poletto, D Finfer, P Corubolo
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Drill-bit seismic while drilling by downhole wired pipe telemetry
F Poletto, F Miranda, P Corubolo, A Schleifer, P Comelli
EAGE Borehole Geophysics Workshop, ‘3D VSP: Benefits, Challenges and …, 2013
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