Valadoula Deimede
Valadoula Deimede
Assist. Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Patras
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Miscibility behavior of polybenzimidazole/sulfonated polysulfone blends for use in fuel cell applications
V Deimede, GA Voyiatzis, JK Kallitsis, L Qingfeng, NJ Bjerrum
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C Hasiotis, V Deimede, C Kontoyannis
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C Hasiotis, L Qingfeng, V Deimede, JK Kallitsis, CG Kontoyannis, ...
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Separators for lithium‐ion batteries: a review on the production processes and recent developments
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N Gourdoupi, AK Andreopoulou, V Deimede, JK Kallitsis
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Novel Polymer Electrolyte Membrane, Based on Pyridine Containing Poly (ether sulfone), for Application in High‐Temperature Fuel Cells
EK Pefkianakis, V Deimede, MK Daletou, N Gourdoupi, JK Kallitsis
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Miscibility behavior of polyamide 11/sulfonated polysulfone blends using thermal and spectroscopic techniques
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VA Deimede, JK Kallitsis
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Large‐Scale Separators Based on Blends of Aromatic Polyethers with PEO for Li‐Ion Batteries: Improving Thermal Shrinkage and Wettability Behavior
V Deimede, A Voege, G Lainioti, C Elmasides, JK Kallitsis
Energy Technology 2 (3), 275-283, 2014
Morphological study of the organization behavior of rod− coil copolymers and their blends in thin solid films
NP Tzanetos, V Dracopoulos, JK Kallitsis, VA Deimede
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Removal of anionic dyes from aqueous solution by novel pyrrolidinium-based Polymeric Ionic Liquid (PIL) as adsorbent: Investigation of the adsorption kinetics, equilibrium …
M Makrygianni, ZG Lada, A Manousou, CA Aggelopoulos, V Deimede
Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 7 (3), 103163, 2019
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