Andreas Aristidou
Andreas Aristidou
University of Cyprus
Η διεύθυνση ηλεκτρονικού ταχυδρομείου έχει επαληθευτεί στον τομέα - Αρχική σελίδα
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Παρατίθεται από
FABRIK: a fast, iterative solver for the Inverse Kinematics problem
A Aristidou, J Lasenby
Graphical Models 73 (5), 243-260, 2011
Violence content classification using audio features
T Giannakopoulos, D Kosmopoulos, A Aristidou, S Theodoridis
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A Aristidou, J Lasenby
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Motion capture with constrained inverse kinematics for real-time hand tracking
A Aristidou, J Lasenby
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Real-time estimation of missing markers in human motion capture
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Folk Dance Evaluation Using Laban Movement Analysis
A Aristidou, E Stavrakis, P Charalambous, Y Chrysanthou, ...
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Extending FABRIK with model constraints
A Aristidou, Y Chrysanthou, J Lasenby
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Emotion control of unstructured dance movements
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A Aristidou, D Cohen-Or, JK Hodgins, Y Chrysanthou, A Shamir
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Deep Motifs and Motion Signatures
A Aristidou, D Cohen-Or, JK Hodgins, Y Chrysanthou, A Shamir
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Motion Analysis for Folk Dance Evaluation
A Aristidou, E Stavrakis, Y Chrysanthou
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Predicting missing markers to drive real-time centre of rotation estimation
A Aristidou, J Cameron, J Lasenby
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Feature Extraction for Human Motion Indexing of Acted Dance Performances
A Aristidou, Y Chrysanthou
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Motion indexing of different emotional states using LMA components
A Aristidou, Y Chrysanthou
SIGGRAPH Asia 2013 Technical Briefs, 1-4, 2013
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