stefania mazzitelli
stefania mazzitelli
Dept. Life Sciences and Biotechnology, University of Ferrara, Italy
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Microfluidic and lab-on-a-chip preparation routes for organic nanoparticles and vesicular systems for nanomedicine applications
L Capretto, D Carugo, S Mazzitelli, C Nastruzzi, X Zhang
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Prolongation of skin allograft survival in rats by the transplantation of microencapsulated xenogeneic neonatal porcine Sertoli cells
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Effect of dynamic three‐dimensional culture on osteogenic potential of human periodontal ligament‐derived mesenchymal stem cells entrapped in alginate microbeads
R Vecchiatini, L Penolazzi, E Lambertini, M Angelozzi, C Morganti, ...
Journal of periodontal research 50 (4), 544-553, 2015
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