Dimitrios Kleftogiannis
Dimitrios Kleftogiannis
Genome Institute of Singapore (GIS)
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DEEP: a general computational framework for predicting enhancers
D Kleftogiannis, P Kalnis, VB Bajic
Nucleic acids research 43 (1), e6-e6, 2015
DWFS: a wrapper feature selection tool based on a parallel genetic algorithm
O Soufan, D Kleftogiannis, P Kalnis, VB Bajic
PloS one 10 (2), 2015
Progress and challenges in bioinformatics approaches for enhancer identification
D Kleftogiannis, P Kalnis, VB Bajic
Briefings in bioinformatics 17 (6), 967-979, 2016
Where we stand, where we are moving: Surveying computational techniques for identifying miRNA genes and uncovering their regulatory role
D Kleftogiannis, A Korfiati, K Theofilatos, S Likothanassis, A Tsakalidis, ...
Journal of biomedical informatics 46 (3), 563-573, 2013
DENdb: database of integrated human enhancers
H Ashoor, D Kleftogiannis, A Radovanovic, VB Bajic
Database 2015, 2015
Comparing memory-efficient genome assemblers on stand-alone and cloud infrastructures
D Kleftogiannis, P Kalnis, VB Bajic
PloS one 8 (9), 2013
YamiPred: A novel evolutionary method for predicting pre-miRNAs and selecting relevant features
D Kleftogiannis, K Theofilatos, S Likothanassis, S Mavroudi
IEEE/ACM transactions on computational biology and bioinformatics 12 (5 …, 2015
Ultra-sensitive mutation detection and genome-wide DNA copy number reconstruction by error-corrected circulating tumor DNA sequencing
S Mansukhani, LJ Barber, D Kleftogiannis, SY Moorcraft, M Davidson, ...
Clinical chemistry 64 (11), 1626-1635, 2018
Predicting human miRNA target genes using a novel computational intelligent framework
A Korfiati, K Theofilatos, D Kleftogiannis, C Alexakos, S Likothanassis, ...
Information Sciences 294, 576-585, 2015
EnsembleGASVR: a novel ensemble method for classifying missense single nucleotide polymorphisms
T Rapakoulia, K Theofilatos, D Kleftogiannis, S Likothanasis, A Tsakalidis, ...
Bioinformatics 30 (16), 2324-2333, 2014
The Human Interactome Knowledge Base (HINT-KB): an integrative human protein interaction database enriched with predicted protein–protein interaction scores using a novel …
K Theofilatos, C Dimitrakopoulos, S Likothanassis, D Kleftogiannis, ...
Artificial Intelligence Review 42 (3), 427-443, 2014
ncRNA-Class web tool: non-coding RNA feature extraction and pre-miRNA classification web tool
D Kleftogiannis, K Theofilatos, S Papadimitriou, A Tsakalidis, ...
IFIP International Conference on Artificial Intelligence Applications and …, 2012
Predicting human miRNA target genes using a novel evolutionary methodology
K Aigli, K Dimitris, T Konstantinos, L Spiros, T Athanasios, M Seferina
Hellenic Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 291-298, 2012
A novel pre-miRNA classification approach for the prediction of microRNA genes
KA Theofilatos, DA Kleftogiannis, MAV Rapsomaniki, VA Haidinis, ...
Proceedings of the 10th IEEE International Conference on Information …, 2010
Hi-Jack: a novel computational framework for pathway-based inference of host–pathogen interactions
D Kleftogiannis, L Wong, JAC Archer, P Kalnis
Bioinformatics 31 (14), 2332-2339, 2015
Identification of single nucleotide variants using position-specific error estimation in deep sequencing data
D Kleftogiannis, M Punta, A Jayaram, S Sandhu, SQ Wong, DG Tandefelt, ...
BMC Medical Genomics 12 (1), 1-12, 2019
In Vivo Modeling of Chemoresistant Neuroblastoma Provides New Insights into Chemorefractory Disease and Metastasis
O Yogev, GS Almeida, KT Barker, SL George, C Kwok, J Campbell, ...
Cancer research 79 (20), 5382-5393, 2019
Discriminative identification of transcriptional responses of promoters and enhancers after stimulus
D Kleftogiannis, P Kalnis, E Arner, VB Bajic
Nucleic acids research 45 (4), e25-e25, 2017
TELS: A Novel Computational Framework for Identifying Motif Signatures of Transcribed Enhancers
D Kleftogiannis, H Ashoor, VB Bajic
Genomics, proteomics & bioinformatics 16 (5), 332-341, 2018
Development, application and evaluation of a 1-D full life cycle anchovy and sardine model for the North Aegean Sea (Eastern Mediterranean)
A Gkanasos, S Somarakis, K Tsiaras, D Kleftogiannis, M Giannoulaki, ...
PloS one 14 (8), 2019
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