Mark Eric Dieckmann
Mark Eric Dieckmann
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Multidimensional electron beam-plasma instabilities in the relativistic regime
A Bret, L Gremillet, ME Dieckmann
Physics of Plasmas 17 (12), 120501, 2010
Table-top laser-based source of femtosecond, collimated, ultrarelativistic positron beams
G Sarri, W Schumaker, A Di Piazza, M Vargas, B Dromey, ME Dieckmann, ...
Physical review letters 110 (25), 255002, 2013
The microphysics of collisionless shock waves
A Marcowith, A Bret, A Bykov, ME Dieckman, LOC Drury, B Lembege, ...
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KG McClements, ME Dieckmann, A Ynnerman, SC Chapman, RO Dendy
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Electron acceleration due to high frequency instabilities at supernova remnant shocks
ME Dieckmann, KG McClements, SC Chapman, RO Dendy, LOC Drury
arXiv preprint astro-ph/0002347, 2000
Dynamics of self-generated, large amplitude magnetic fields following high-intensity laser matter interaction
G Sarri, A Macchi, CA Cecchetti, S Kar, TV Liseykina, XH Yang, ...
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A Bret, ME Dieckmann, C Deutsch
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G Sarri, ME Dieckmann, CRD Brown, CA Cecchetti, DJ Hoarty, SF James, ...
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Time-resolved characterization of the formation of a collisionless shock
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ME Dieckmann, P Ljung, A Ynnerman, KG McClements
Physics of Plasmas 7 (12), 5171-5181, 2000
Evolution of the fastest-growing relativistic mixed mode instability driven by a tenuous plasma beam in one and two dimensions
ME Dieckmann, JT Frederiksen, A Bret, PK Shukla
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K Quinn, L Romagnani, B Ramakrishna, G Sarri, ME Dieckmann, ...
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Generation of a purely electrostatic collisionless shock during the expansion of a dense plasma through a rarefied medium
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ME Dieckmann, PK Shukla, LOC Drury
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Shock creation and particle acceleration driven by plasma expansion into a rarefied medium
G Sarri, ME Dieckmann, I Kourakis, M Borghesi
Physics of Plasmas 17 (8), 082305, 2010
PIC simulations of the thermal anisotropy-driven Weibel instability: field growth and phase space evolution upon saturation
A Stockem, ME Dieckmann, R Schlickeiser
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ME Dieckmann, PK Shukla
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On the ultrarelativistic two-stream instability, electrostatic turbulence and Brownian motion
ME Dieckmann, LOC Drury, PK Shukla
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Suppression of the filamentation instability by a flow-aligned magnetic field: testing the analytic threshold with PIC simulations
A Stockem, ME Dieckmann, R Schlickeiser
Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 50 (2), 025002, 2008
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