Luca Costabello
Luca Costabello
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Context-Aware Access Control for RDF Graph Stores.
L Costabello, S Villata, F Gandon
ECAI 242, 282-287, 2012
Regularizing knowledge graph embeddings via equivalence and inversion axioms
P Minervini, L Costabello, E Muñoz, V Nováček, PY Vandenbussche
Joint European Conference on Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery in …, 2017
Linked data access goes mobile: Context-aware authorization for graph stores
L Costabello, S Villata, N Delaforge, F Gandon
Interpretable credit application predictions with counterfactual explanations
RM Grath, L Costabello, CL Van, P Sweeney, F Kamiab, Z Shen, F Lecue
arXiv preprint arXiv:1811.05245, 2018
Integrating user-generated content and pervasive communications
C Baladrón, J Aguiar, B Carro, A Sánchez-Esguevillas, M Baldauf, ...
IEEE Pervasive Computing 7 (4), 58-61, 2008
Access control for http operations on linked data
L Costabello, S Villata, OR Rocha, F Gandon
Extended Semantic Web Conference, 185-199, 2013
A social semantic web access control model
S Villata, L Costabello, N Delaforge, F Gandon
Journal on Data Semantics 2 (1), 21-36, 2013
Spamming in linked data
A Hasnain, M Al-Bakri, L Costabello, Z Cong, I Davis, T Heath
DC proposal: PRISSMA, towards mobile adaptive presentation of the web of data
L Costabello
International Semantic Web Conference, 269-276, 2011
Knowledge Graph Embeddings and Explainable AI
F Bianchi, G Rossiello, L Costabello, M Palmonari, P Minervini
arXiv preprint arXiv:2004.14843, 2020
AmpliGraph: a Library for Representation Learning on Knowledge Graphs
L Costabello, S Pai, C Le Van, R McGrath, N McCarthy, P Tabacof 2595043, 2019
Conference live: Accessible and sociable conference semantic data
AL Gentile, M Acosta, L Costabello, AG Nuzzolese, V Presutti, ...
Proceedings of the 24th International Conference on World Wide Web, 1007-1012, 2015
Time based context cluster analysis for automatic blog generation
L Costabello, LW Goix
WWW2008 Workshop on Social Web Search and Mining, Beijing,(April 22th, 2008), 2008
Probability Calibration for Knowledge Graph Embedding Models
P Tabacof, L Costabello
arXiv preprint arXiv:1912.10000, 2019
Error-tolerant RDF subgraph matching for adaptive presentation of linked data on mobile
L Costabello
European Semantic Web Conference, 36-51, 2014
Assisted policy management for SPARQL endpoints access control
L Costabello, S Villata, I Vagliano, F Gandon
Shi3ld: an access control framework for the mobile web of data
L Costabello, S Villata, N Delaforge, F Gandon
Proceedings of the 23rd ACM conference on Hypertext and social media, 311-312, 2012
Context-aware access control and presentation of linked data
L Costabello
Social Semantic Network-Based Access Control
S Villata, L Costabello, F Gandon, C Faron-Zucker, M Buffa
Security and Privacy Preserving in Social Networks, 157-191, 2013
Ubiquitous access control for sparql endpoints: Lessons learned and future challenges
L Costabello, S Villata, N Delaforge, F Gandon
Proceedings of the 21st International Conference on World Wide Web, 487-488, 2012
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