Dimitris papoulis
Dimitris papoulis
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Palygorskite-and Halloysite-TiO2 nanocomposites: Synthesis and photocatalytic activity
D Papoulis, S Komarneni, A Nikolopoulou, P Tsolis-Katagas, ...
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D Papoulis, S Komarneni, D Panagiotaras, E Stathatos, D Toli, ...
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 132, 416-422, 2013
TiO2/palygorskite composite nanocrystalline films prepared by surfactant templating route: Synergistic effect to the photocatalytic degradation of an azo-dye in water
E Stathatos, D Papoulis, CA Aggelopoulos, D Panagiotaras, ...
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D Papoulis
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A Nikolopoulou, D Papoulis, S Komarneni, P Tsolis-Katagas, ...
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CV Lazaratou, DV Vayenas, D Papoulis
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D Papoulis, P Tsolis-Katagas, C Katagas
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Clay minerals used in sanitary landfills for the retention of organic and inorganic pollutants
E Koutsopoulou, D Papoulis, P Tsolis-Katagas, M Kornaros
Applied Clay Science 49 (4), 372-382, 2010
Three-phase nanocomposites of two nanoclays and TiO2: Synthesis, characterization and photacatalytic activities
D Papoulis, S Komarneni, D Panagiotaras, E Stathatos, KC Christoforidis, ...
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Applied clay science 83, 191-197, 2013
Solar and visible light photocatalytic enhancement of halloysite nanotubes/gC 3 N 4 heteroarchitectures
KC Christoforidis, M Melchionna, T Montini, D Papoulis, E Stathatos, ...
RSC advances 6 (89), 86617-86626, 2016
AgCl and BiOCl composited with NiFe-LDH for enhanced photo-degradation of Rhodamine B
D Huang, J Ma, L Yu, D Wu, K Wang, M Yang, D Papoulis, S Komarneni
Separation and Purification Technology 156, 789-794, 2015
Progressive formation of halloysite from the hydrothermal alteration of biotite and the formation mechanisms of anatase in altered volcanic rocks from Limnos Island, northeast …
D Papoulis, P Tsolis-Katagas, AG Kalampounias, B Tsikouras
Clays and Clay Minerals 57 (5), 566-577, 2009
Sediment characteristics and water physicochemical parameters of the Lysimachia Lake, Western Greece
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Environmental earth sciences 70 (1), 383-392, 2013
The influence of alteration of aggregates on the quality of the concrete: A case study from serpentinites and andesites from central Macedonia (North Greece)
P Petrounias, PP Giannakopoulou, A Rogkala, PM Stamatis, B Tsikouras, ...
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Arsenic geochemistry in groundwater system
D Panagiotaras, G Panagopoulos, D Papoulis, P Avramidis
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Tracking Mid-to Late Holocene depositional environments by applying sedimentological, palaeontological and geochemical proxies, Amvrakikos coastal lagoon sediments, Western …
P Avramidis, G Iliopoulos, D Panagiotaras, D Papoulis, P Lambropoulou, ...
Quaternary International 332, 19-36, 2014
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