Franco Salerno
Franco Salerno
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Presence and infectivity of SARS-CoV-2 virus in wastewaters and rivers
SG Rimoldi, F Stefani, A Gigantiello, S Polesello, F Comandatore, ...
Science of the Total Environment 744, 140911, 2020
Multiple Carrying Capacities from a management-oriented perspective to operationalize sustainable tourism in protected areas
F Salerno, G Viviano, EC Manfredi, P Caroli, S Thakuri, G Tartari
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Weak precipitation, warm winters and springs impact glaciers of south slopes of Mt. Everest (central Himalaya) in the last 2 decades (1994–2013)
F Salerno, N Guyennon, S Thakuri, G Viviano, E Romano, E Vuillermoz, ...
The Cryosphere 9 (3), 1229-1247, 2015
Glacial lake distribution in the Mount Everest region: Uncertainty of measurement and conditions of formation
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A coupled approach of surface hydrological modelling and Wavelet Analysis for understanding the baseflow components of river discharge in karst environments
F Salerno, G Tartari
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Nitrogen removal in subsurface water by narrow buffer strips in the intensive farming landscape of the Po River watershed, Italy
R Balestrini, C Arese, CA Delconte, A Lotti, F Salerno
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Solid waste and water quality management models for Sagarmatha National Park and Buffer Zone, Nepal
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Urbanization and climate change impacts on surface water quality: Enhancing the resilience by reducing impervious surfaces
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Coupling high-resolution measurements to a three-dimensional lake model to assess the spatial and temporal dynamics of the cyanobacterium Planktothrix rubescens in a medium …
E Carraro, N Guyennon, D Hamilton, L Valsecchi, EC Manfredi, G Viviano, ...
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Energy, forest, and indoor air pollution models for Sagarmatha National Park and buffer zone, Nepal
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Surrogate measures for providing high frequency estimates of total phosphorus concentrations in urban watersheds
G Viviano, F Salerno, EC Manfredi, S Polesello, S Valsecchi, G Tartari
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Future hydrological regimes and glacier cover in the Everest region: The case study of the upper Dudh Koshi basin
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Impacts of permafrost degradation on inorganic chemistry of surface fresh water
N Colombo, F Salerno, S Gruber, M Freppaz, M Williams, S Fratianni, ...
Global and Planetary Change, 2017
Debris-covered glacier anomaly? Morphological factors controlling changes in the mass balance, surface area, terminus position, and snow line altitude of Himalayan glaciers
F Salerno, S Thakuri, G Tartari, T Nuimura, S Sunako, A Sakai, K Fujita
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 471, 19-31, 2017
Chemical and biological response of two small lakes in the Khumbu Valley, Himalayas (Nepal) to short-term variability and climatic change as detected by long-term monitoring …
A Lami, A Marchetto, S Musazzi, F Salerno, G Tartari, P Guilizzoni, ...
Hydrobiologia 648 (1), 189-205, 2010
POP and PAH contamination in the southern slopes of Mt. Everest (Himalaya, Nepal): long-range atmospheric transport, glacier shrinkage, or local impact of tourism?
L Guzzella, F Salerno, M Freppaz, C Roscioli, F Pisanello, G Poma
Science of the total environment 544, 382-390, 2016
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