Emmanuel Skourtsos
Emmanuel Skourtsos
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Clarifying stages of alluvial fan evolution along the Sfakian piedmont, southern Crete: New evidence from analysis of post-incisive soils and OSL dating
R Pope, K Wilkinson, E Skourtsos, M Triantaphyllou, G Ferrier
Geomorphology 94 (1-2), 206-225, 2008
Tectono‐sedimentary evolution of the Plio‐Pleistocene Corinth rift, Greece
RL Gawthorpe, MR Leeder, H Kranis, E Skourtsos, JE Andrews, ...
Basin Research 30 (3), 448-479, 2018
The 12th June 2017 Mw= 6.3 Lesvos earthquake from detailed seismological observations
P Papadimitriou, I Kassaras, G Kaviris, GA Tselentis, N Voulgaris, ...
Journal of Geodynamics 115, 23-42, 2018
Structure and evolution of the western Corinth Rift, through new field data from the Northern Peloponnesus
E Skourtsos, H Kranis
Geological Society, London, Special Publications 321 (1), 119-138, 2009
A “Great Deepening”: chronology of rift climax, Corinth rift, Greece
MR Leeder, DF Mark, RL Gawthorpe, H Kranis, S Loveless, ...
Geology 40 (11), 999-1002, 2012
Foraminifera, algae and carbonate microproblematica from the late Wuchiapingian/Dzhulfian (late Permian) of Peloponnesus (Greece)
D Vachard, A Zambetakis-Lekkas, E Skourtsos, R Martini, L Zaninetti
Rivista Italiana di Paleontologia e Stratigrafia 109 (2), 2003
Glacial history of Mt Chelmos, Peloponnesus, Greece
RJ Pope, PD Hughes, E Skourtsos
Geological Society, London, Special Publications 433 (1), 211-236, 2017
Liquefaction, ground fissures and coastline change during the Egio earthquake (15 June 1995; Central‐Western Greece)
E Lekkas, S Lozios, E Skourtsos, H Kranis
Terra Nova 8 (6), 648-654, 1996
UAV and GIS based rapid earthquake-induced building damage assessment and methodology for EMS-98 isoseismal map drawing: The June 12, 2017 Mw 6.3 Lesvos (Northeastern Aegean …
S Mavroulis, E Andreadakis, NI Spyrou, V Antoniou, E Skourtsos, ...
International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction 37, 101169, 2019
A chronology of alluvial fan response to Late Quaternary sea level and climate change, Crete
RJJ Pope, I Candy, E Skourtsos
Quaternary Research 86 (2), 170-183, 2016
Learning from Earthquakes
V Margaris, T Salonikios, C Karakostas, E Lekkas, G Danamos, ...
EERI Journal, 1-12, 2003
The geological structure of the allochthonous ‘Athens Schists’
DI Papanikolaou, SG Lozios, K Soukis, E Skourtsos
Bull. Geol. Soc. Greece 36 (4), 1550-1559, 2004
Position of the Middle Triassic Tyros Beds in the Gavrovo-Tripolis Unit (Rhodes Island, Dodecanese, Greece)
E Lekkas, G Danamos, E Skourtsos, D Sakellariou
Geologica Carpathica 53 (1), 37-44, 2002
Earthquake geology
SD Mavroulis, IG Fountoulis, EN Skourtsos, EL Lekkas, ID Papanikolaou
Annals of Geophysics 56 (6), S0681, 2013
Late Miocene detachment faulting and crustal extension in SE Attica (Greece)
S Lekkas, E Skourtsos, K Soukis, H Kranis, S Lozios, A Alexopoulos, ...
Geophysical Research Abstracts 13, EGU2011-EGU13016, 2011
Building up or out? Disparate sequence architectures along an active rift margin—Corinth rift, Greece
RL Gawthorpe, JE Andrews, REL Collier, M Ford, GA Henstra, H Kranis, ...
Geology 45 (12), 1111-1114, 2017
Occurence of hexavalent chromium in the ophiolite related aquifers of Loytraki and Schinos areas
K Pyrgaki, A Argyraki, E Kelepertzis, V Paraskevopoulou, F Botsou, ...
Bulletin of the Geological Society of Greece 50 (4), 2261-2270, 2016
Egio Earthquake (15 June 1995): An episode in the neotectonic evolution of Corinthiakos Gulf
EL Lekkas, SG Lozios, EN Skourtsos, HD Kranis
Journal of Geodynamics 26 (2-4), 487-499, 1998
Extensional tectonics in Mt Parnon (Peloponnesus, Greece)
E Skourtsos, S Lekkas
International Journal of Earth Sciences 100 (7), 1551-1567, 2011
Floods, geodynamic environment and human intervention. The case of Corinth (Greece)
E Lekkas, S Lozios, E Skourtsos, H Kranis
WIT Transactions on Ecology and the Environment 31, 1970
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