Nikos Tsirakis
Nikos Tsirakis
Computer Engineering & Informatics
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Code quality evaluation methodology using the ISO/IEC 9126 standard
Y Kanellopoulos, P Antonellis, D Antoniou, C Makris, E Theodoridis, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1007.5117, 2010
A data mining methodology for evaluating maintainability according to ISO/IEC-9126 software engineering–product quality standard
P Antonellis, D Antoniou, Y Kanellopoulos, C Makris, E Theodoridis, ...
Special Session on System Quality and Maintainability-SQM2007, 2007
Algorithms for clustering clickstream data
P Antonellis, C Makris, N Tsirakis
Information Processing Letters 109 (8), 381-385, 2009
XEdge: clustering homogeneous and heterogeneous XML documents using edge summaries
P Antonellis, C Makris, N Tsirakis
Proceedings of the 2008 ACM symposium on Applied computing, 1081-1088, 2008
Large scale opinion mining for social, news and blog data
N Tsirakis, V Poulopoulos, P Tsantilas, I Varlamis
Journal of Systems and Software, 2016
Sentiment analysis for reputation management: Mining the greek web
G Petasis, D Spiliotopoulos, N Tsirakis, P Tsantilas
Hellenic Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 327-340, 2014
A web personalizing technique using adaptive data structures: The case of bursts in web visits
E Sakkopoulos, D Antoniou, P Adamopoulou, N Tsirakis, A Tsakalidis
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Clustering for Monitoring Software Systems Maintainability Evolution
P Antonellis, D Antoniou, Y Kanellopoulos, C Makris, E Theodoridis, ...
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A survey on the scalability of recommender systems for social networks
C Sardianos, N Tsirakis, I Varlamis
Social Networks Science: Design, Implementation, Security, and Challenges …, 2018
PaloPro: a platform for knowledge extraction from big social data and the news
N Makrynioti, A Grivas, C Sardianos, N Tsirakis, I Varlamis, V Vassalos, ...
International Journal of Big Data Intelligence 4 (1), 3-22, 2017
An automatic wrapper generation process for large scale crawling of news websites
I Varlamis, N Tsirakis, V Poulopoulos, P Tsantilas
Proceedings of the 18th Panhellenic Conference on Informatics, 1-6, 2014
k-Attractors: a partitional clustering algorithm for numeric data analysis
Y Kanellopoulos, P Antonellis, C Tjortjis, C Makris, N Tsirakis
Applied Artificial Intelligence 25 (2), 97-115, 2011
A platform for real-time opinion mining from social media and news streams
N Tsirakis, V Poulopoulos, P Tsantilas, I Varlamis
2015 IEEE Trustcom/BigDataSE/ISPA 2, 223-228, 2015
Large-scale sentiment analysis for reputation management
G Petasis, D Spiliotopoulos, N Tsirakis, P Tsantilas
2nd Workshop on Practice and Theory of Opinion Mining and Sentiment Analysis, 2013
Utilizing XML clustering for efficient XML data management on P2P networks
P Antonellis, C Makris, N Tsirakis
International Conference on Database and Expert Systems Applications, 68-82, 2009
Employing Clustering for Assisting Source Code Maintainability Evaluation according to ISO/IEC-9126
P Antonellis, D Antoniou, Y Kanellopoulos, C Makris, E Theodoridis, ...
Proc. Artificial Intelligence Techniques in Software Engineering Workshop …, 2008
Code4Thought Project: Employing the ISO/IEC-9126 standard for Software Engineering-Product Quality Assessment
P Antonellis, D Antoniou, Y Kanellopoulos, C Makris, C Tjortjis, ...
2009 13th European Conference on Software Maintenance and Reengineering, 297-300, 2009
Semantic XML Filtering on Peer-to-Peer Networks using Distributed Bloom Filters.
P Antonellis, S Kontopoulos, C Makris, Y Plegas, N Tsirakis
WEBIST, 133-136, 2013
On the exploitation of relationships in online communities of practice
G Gkotsis, N Karacapilidis, N Tsirakis
International Journal of Collaborative Enterprise 2 (1), 75-86, 2011
Issues of usability in hypermedia systems: a usability estimation questionnaire for hypermedia designers
N Tsirakis, N Karousos, G Gkotsis
Proceedings of the 2005 symposia on Metainformatics, 15-es, 2005
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