Reinhold Preiner
Reinhold Preiner
Institute of Computer Graphics and Knowledge Visualization, Graz University of Technology
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Continuous projection for fast L1 reconstruction.
R Preiner, O Mattausch, M Arikan, R Pajarola, M Wimmer
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Auto Splats: Dynamic Point Cloud Visualization on the GPU.
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YMCA—Your mesh comparison application
J Schmidt, R Preiner, T Auzinger, M Wimmer, ME Gröller, S Bruckner
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Non-Sampled Anti-Aliasing.
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R Preiner
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Interactive Screen-Space Triangulation for High-Quality Rendering of Point Clouds
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Semi-automated Annotation of Repetitive Ornaments on 3D Painted Pottery Surfaces
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Visual Exploration of Cultural Heritage Collections with Linked Spatiotemporal, Shape and Metadata Views.
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Sketch-Aided Retrieval of Incomplete 3D Cultural Heritage Objects.
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Dynamic and Probabilistic Point-Cloud Processing
RD Preiner
Interactive curved reflections in large point clouds
R Preiner
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