Kai Wan
Kai Wan
KU Leuven, Belgium
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Nitrogen-doped ordered mesoporous carbon: synthesis and active sites for electrocatalysis of oxygen reduction reaction
K Wan, GF Long, MY Liu, L Du, ZX Liang, P Tsiakaras
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Pt/CN-doped electrocatalysts: Superior electrocatalytic activity for methanol oxidation reaction and mechanistic insight into interfacial enhancement
G Long, X Li, K Wan, Z Liang, J Piao, P Tsiakaras
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K Wan, J Luo, C Zhou, T Zhang, J Arbiol, X Lu, BW Mao, X Zhang, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 29 (18), 1900315, 2019
2D nitrogen-doped hierarchically porous carbon: Key role of low dimensional structure in favoring electrocatalysis and mass transfer for oxygen reduction reaction
K Wan, A Tan, Z Yu, Z Liang, J Piao, P Tsiakaras
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From rational design of a new bimetallic MOF family with tunable linkers to OER catalysts
X Zhang, J Luo, K Wan, D Plessers, B Sels, J Song, L Chen, T Zhang, ...
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M Wu, M Liu, G Long, K Wan, Z Liang, TS Zhao
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G Long, K Wan, M Liu, X Li, Z Liang, J Piao
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K Wan, ZP Yu, ZX Liang
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A template-directed Bifunctional NiSx/Nitrogen-doped Mesoporous Carbon Electrocatalyst for Rechargeable Zn− air Batteries
K Wan, J Luo, X Zhang, C Zhou, JW Seo, P Subramanian, JW Yan, ...
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Electrochemically Assisted Interfacial Growth of MOF Membranes
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L Zhang, Y Wang, K Wan, J Piao, Z Liang
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An ultrathin 2D semi-ordered mesoporous silica film: co-operative assembly and application
K Wan, Z Yu, Q Liu, J Piao, Y Zheng, Z Liang
RSC Advances 6 (79), 75058-75062, 2016
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