Aron Roland
Aron Roland
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User manual and system documentation of WAVEWATCH III TM version 3.14
HL Tolman
Technical note, MMAB Contribution 276, 220, 2009
Semiempirical dissipation source functions for ocean waves. Part I: Definition, calibration, and validation
F Ardhuin, E Rogers, AV Babanin, JF Filipot, R Magne, A Roland, ...
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A Roland, YJ Zhang, HV Wang, Y Meng, YC Teng, V Maderich, ...
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F Ardhuin, A Roland
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A Roland, A Cucco, C Ferrarin, TW Hsu, JM Liau, SH Ou, G Umgiesser, ...
Journal of Marine Systems 78, S244-S254, 2009
Development of WWM II: Spectral wave modelling on unstructured meshes
A Roland
Ph. D. thesis, Technische Universität Darmstadt, Institute of Hydraulic and …, 2008
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PC Kerr, AS Donahue, JJ Westerink, RA Luettich Jr, LY Zheng, ...
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Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences 11 (2), 501-511, 2011
The development of spectral wave models: coastal and coupled aspects
F Ardhuin, A Roland
Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Coastal Dynamics, 24-28, 2013
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