Sofia Laschou
Sofia Laschou
Η διεύθυνση ηλεκτρονικού ταχυδρομείου έχει επαληθευτεί στον τομέα
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Analysis of factors driving stream water composition and synthesis of management tools—a case study on small/medium Greek catchments
NT Skoulikidis, Y Amaxidis, I Bertahas, S Laschou, K Gritzalis
Science of the Total Environment 362 (1-3), 205-241, 2006
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E Kalogianni, A Vourka, I Karaouzas, L Vardakas, S Laschou, ...
Science of the Total Environment 603, 639-650, 2017
Particle bound pollutants in rivers: Results from suspended sediment sampling in Globaqua River Basins
H Rügner, M Schwientek, R Milačič, T Zuliani, J Vidmar, M Paunović, ...
Science of the Total Environment 647, 645-652, 2019
Climate change and agricultural pollution effects on the trophic status of a Mediterranean lake
I Bertahas, E Dimitriou, I Karaouzas, S Laschou, I Zacharias
Acta hydrochimica et hydrobiologica 34 (4), 349-359, 2006
Multiple stressor effects on biodiversity and ecosystem functioning in a Mediterranean temporary river
E Smeti, D von Schiller, I Karaouzas, S Laschou, L Vardakas, S Sabater, ...
Science of the Total Environment 647, 1179-1187, 2019
Effects of olive mill wastewater discharge on benthic biota in Mediterranean streams
E Smeti, E Kalogianni, I Karaouzas, S Laschou, E Tornes, ...
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Acute and sub-chronic toxicity bioassays of olive mill wastewater on the Eastern mosquitofish Gambusia holbrooki
I Leris, E Kalogianni, C Tsangaris, E Smeti, S Laschou, E Anastasopoulou, ...
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Unraveling Aquatic Quality Controls of a Nearly Undisturbed Mediterranean Island (Samothraki, Greece)
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Water 12 (2), 473, 2020
Preliminary Greek Nutrient Classification System based on benthic invertebrates for Greek rivers and streams
S Laschou, N Skoulikidis, Y Chatzinikolaou
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