Katerina Tsougeni
Katerina Tsougeni
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Mechanisms of oxygen plasma nanotexturing of organic polymer surfaces: from stable super hydrophilic to super hydrophobic surfaces
K Tsougeni, N Vourdas, A Tserepi, E Gogolides, C Cardinaud
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K Tsougeni, D Papageorgiou, A Tserepi, E Gogolides
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Controlling roughness: from etching to nanotexturing and plasma-directed organization on organic and inorganic materials
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K Tsougeni, A Tserepi, V Constantoudis, E Gogolides, PS Petrou, ...
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Controlled protein adsorption on microfluidic channels with engineered roughness and wettability
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K Tsougeni, G Papadakis, M Gianneli, A Grammoustianou, ...
Lab on a Chip 16 (1), 120-131, 2016
Nano-texturing of poly (methyl methacrylate) polymer using plasma processes and applications in wetting control and protein adsorption
K Tsougeni, PS Petrou, A Tserepi, SE Kakabakos, E Gogolides
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ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 7 (27), 14670-14681, 2015
TiO2–ZrO2 affinity chromatography polymeric microchip for phosphopeptide enrichment and separation
K Tsougeni, P Zerefos, A Tserepi, A Vlahou, SD Garbis, E Gogolides
Lab on a Chip 11 (18), 3113-3120, 2011
Surfaces, Interfaces, and Films-Tunable Poly (dimethylsiloxane) Topography in O2 or Ar Plasmas for Controlling Surface Wetting Properties and Their Ageing
K Tsougeni, A Tserepi, G Boulousis, V Constantoudis, E Gogolides
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics-Part 1 Regular Papers and Short Notes 46 …, 2007
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Photolithography and plasma processing of polymeric lab on chip for wetting and fouling control and cell patterning
K Tsougeni, A Bourkoula, P Petrou, A Tserepi, SE Kakabakos, ...
Microelectronic engineering 124, 47-52, 2014
High-capacity and high-intensity DNA microarray spots using oxygen-plasma nanotextured polystyrene slides
K Tsougeni, G Koukouvinos, PS Petrou, A Tserepi, SE Kakabakos, ...
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry 403 (9), 2757-2764, 2012
Micro-nano-bio acoustic system for the detection of foodborne pathogens in real samples
G Papadakis, P Murasova, A Hamiot, K Tsougeni, G Kaprou, M Eck, ...
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 111, 52-58, 2018
Oriented spontaneously formed nano-structures on poly (dimethylsiloxane) films and stamps treated in O2 plasmas
K Tsougeni, G Boulousis, E Gogolides, A Tserepi
Microelectronic engineering 85 (5-6), 1233-1236, 2008
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