Jean-Philippe Aumasson
Jean-Philippe Aumasson
Kudelski Security
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SipHash: a fast short-input PRF
JP Aumasson, DJ Bernstein
International Conference on Cryptology in India, 489-508, 2012
Sha-3 proposal blake
JP Aumasson, L Henzen, W Meier, RCW Phan
Submission to NIST 92, 2008
BLAKE2: simpler, smaller, fast as MD5
JP Aumasson, S Neves, Z Wilcox-O’Hearn, C Winnerlein
International Conference on Applied Cryptography and Network Security, 119-135, 2013
Cube testers and key recovery attacks on reduced-round MD6 and Trivium
JP Aumasson, I Dinur, W Meier, A Shamir
International Workshop on Fast Software Encryption, 1-22, 2009
Quark: A Lightweight Hash
JP Aumasson, L Henzen, W Meier, M Naya-Plasencia
International workshop on cryptographic hardware and embedded systems, 1-15, 2010
Quark: A lightweight hash
JP Aumasson, L Henzen, W Meier, M Naya-Plasencia
Journal of cryptology 26 (2), 313-339, 2013
New features of Latin dances: analysis of Salsa, ChaCha, and Rumba
JP Aumasson, S Fischer, S Khazaei, W Meier, C Rechberger
International Workshop on Fast Software Encryption, 470-488, 2008
Zero-sum distinguishers for reduced Keccak-f and for the core functions of Luffa and Hamsi
JP Aumasson, W Meier
rump session of Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems-CHES 2009, 67, 2009
Serious cryptography: a practical introduction to modern encryption
JP Aumasson
No Starch Press, 2017
Efficient FPGA implementations of high-dimensional cube testers on the stream cipher Grain-128
JP Aumasson, I Dinur, L Henzen, W Meier, A Shamir
SHARCS 9, 147, 2009
Preimage attacks on 3-pass HAVAL and step-reduced MD5
JP Aumasson, W Meier, F Mendel
International Workshop on Selected Areas in Cryptography, 120-135, 2008
The hash function family LAKE
JP Aumasson, W Meier, RCW Phan
International Workshop on Fast Software Encryption, 36-53, 2008
NORX: parallel and scalable AEAD
JP Aumasson, P Jovanovic, S Neves
European Symposium on Research in Computer Security, 19-36, 2014
Improved cryptanalysis of Skein
JP Aumasson, Ç Çalık, W Meier, O Özen, RCW Phan, K Varıcı
International Conference on the Theory and Application of Cryptology and …, 2009
VLSI characterization of the cryptographic hash function BLAKE
L Henzen, JP Aumasson, W Meier, RCW Phan
IEEE transactions on very large scale integration (vlsi) systems 19 (10 …, 2010
The hash function BLAKE
JP Aumasson, W Meier, RCW Phan, L Henzen
Springer Berlin Heidelberg 10, 2723822, 2014
SHA-3 proposal BLAKE (version 1.4)
JP Aumasson
http://csrc. nist. gov/groups/ST/hash/sha-3/Round3/submissions_rnd3. html, 2011
The BLAKE2 cryptographic hash and message authentication code (MAC)
MJ Saarinen, JP Aumasson
Internet Requests for Comments RFC Editor RFC 7693 (11), 2015
Improving stateless hash-based signatures
JP Aumasson, G Endignoux
Cryptographers’ Track at the RSA Conference, 219-242, 2018
Inside the hypercube
JP Aumasson, E Brier, W Meier, M Naya-Plasencia, T Peyrin
Australasian Conference on Information Security and Privacy, 202-213, 2009
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